Sugar Blast – Help her match the candies to complete challenges

[Game] Sugar Blast

Sugar BlastSugar Blast : Candy lover Maple is dreaming of all of the sweetest treats.

Help her match the candies to complete challenges and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time! Treat yourself to hundreds of fun, confectionary-filled levels with different goals – crush crispy toffee, collect sugary sweets, and unwrap creamy chocolate eggs.

Playing is easy! Tap groups of matching candies to clear them. Four or more candies makes a powerful Choco candy that clears a whole bunch of candies at once! Combine matching Chocos to make a new, more powerful Choco. Strategically set off chains of chocos to clear the board and complete your challenge! Piece of cake!


Easy to pick up and play any time you need a little treat.
Blast candies to solve puzzles!
Tap matching candies to blast them and more candies rush to fill their place.
Combine more candies at once to create more powerful & tasty boosters!
Every move introduces exciting strategic possibilities and unexpected surprises!
Play thousands of decadently fun levels!
Take on different level types.
Need some help? That’s what boosters are for!
Level up and win rewards like boosters and infinite lives!
Win multiple levels in a row and start with Chocos in play.
Take part in sweet limited time events!
Team up with friends and other players – an easy way to earn free lives, free coins, and take part in more events!
Download and join the candy-blasting fun for FREE!

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Sugar Blast is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

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Sugar Blast user reviews :

EDIT 5/8/2024 same issue. The problem happens when I am listening to streaming while playing Sugar Blast. When I choose to watch a video for 3 extra moves, the screen is black and frozen after the ad. So not only have I lost the progress, I’ve lost the extra moves option which doesn’t show up very often. —– When I choose to watch a video for a few more moves, the screen for the game is black and I can’t proceed. Is this a known glitch? I emptied the cache.

The reason I’m only giving 3 star is because whenever I click to get an ad for 3 more moves and the ad ends, the screen turns black and the circle thing keeps on spinning around and around, and I have to exit the game and start the level all over again, losing everything I’ve earned… This has happened 4 times now… Please fix this, and I will give 5 star because I really do like the game a lot…

Currently at level 100. This game is amazing, much love to the creators. No interrupting ads. No pressuring to buy certain microtransactions. Just chill and play. Just like these type of games are suppose to be. Amazingly done. I do wish that the life count would be much higher. Like 10 or something.

Excellent game for the kids or grandkids. Very simple, and easy until about level 30. They might need a little help. After that it’s smooth again till round 40. The game does not seem to care about points or how many moves you have left. It’s simply a pass-fail. Great game for the kids!

Game is really funny but it forces you to think on it too much and play carefully as you pass levels, if you dont then you cant pass he level . İt should be more randomly, nobody plays this game to think too much we play game to relax and have fun. İf you’r okay with that so here you go.

What a superb game so different from match3 blast & bubble shooter games. I’m completely hooked I registered for this game so very glad I did. Fun colourful interesting game & children will love it help with their numbers & colours . Well done

I’m liking the game so far it’s fun and it’s keeps giving you power ups and things to help you if you need it let’s hope it stays like this and don’t start getting locked behind pay walls and micro transactions

Wooww!! Amazing Good Game to play i looks like candy crush but the games looks different to play good one 5/5 rating Really ! Such a Fun and Mind Relief game with Colorful Sugar Candys

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