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Sunshine IslandWelcome to Sunshine Island, a farming simulator game which is the ultimate tropical paradise for all your island farming dreams!

Get ready to embark on a sunny adventure as you create the perfect island town with your beloved pets, thriving crops, and a bustling family farm.

Craft Your Dream Sunshine Island – Build your Sunshine Island from scratch and turn it into a tropical paradise. Plant exotic fruits, grow crops with your family, and let your workers roam the island for resources. This is not just any island; it’s your personal island farming simulator where you can let your creativity run wild!

Explore the Mystical Archipelago on Your Sunshine Island Farming Simulator game – Set off on thrilling adventures to uncover hidden gems across your Sunshine Island paradise. Discover new islands, unravel their secrets, and find those rare treasures on your family farm waiting just for you.

Farm with Friends on Sunshine Island – Join forces with friends and fellow islanders! Form a guild, compete with other players, build a town and grow together as you collectively build a town that’s the envy of all. Teamwork makes the dream work on your tropical adventure! Become a cherished member of the Sunshine Island community. Make friends with the unforgettable islanders, uncover their unique stories, and soak up that vacation vibe together. Your family farm is about to become a bustling hub of social activity and fun!

Have a Blast with Adorable Animals on Sunshine Island – From cute chickens to snuggly cows, your Sunshine Island will be a haven for all kinds of charming critters. Care for your farm animals, build them a home and watch your little family farm ville come to life with their lovable presence. This is not just a regular island farming experience; it’s a pet lover’s paradise!

So get ready to immerse yourself in the sunny world of Sunshine Island, where island farming meets thrilling adventures, and you get to build a town like no other!

Sunshine Island is completely free to play with optional in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. This game requires an internet connection. Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Imprint:

Sunshine Island user reviews :

I love the gameplay and graphics. But the production takes too long, quests/guild asks for too much. It will only take 5mins of gameplay and then I will just close the app because there is nothing else to to because of the long waiting time on production. I hope they can improve this so I won’t have to delete this app soon. I really love the graphics.

  • Hi Melody! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We are happy to hear that you like the graphics and will share your feedback about the production times with our team. Have a great day!

Absolutely nothing new here, just like every other farming game except it’s on islands. Plant crops, make buildings, sell orders, fill planes to unlock stuff needed for expansion, upgrade everything, suffer through incredibly long build times unless you pay. It’s the same format over and over again with a new coat of paint. If you’ve never played games like this or never grow tired of them, check it out.

  • Hi Dustin! Thank you for your feedback. Do you have any ideas for improvements? Please let us know, we are happy to share them with our team! Enjoy your day!

It is a nice game if you can stand frequent lagspikes. [Reply] There isn’t much to say : once a timer has been completed you would expect tapping would immediately give back the option to use the building but it does not and worse of all it doesn’t even buffer the action because some building gets freed and some others don’t. Sometimes it is less than a second sometimes more than 5 seconds. Restarting the app doesn’t solve the issue.

  • Hi paolo! Thank you for your further feedback. We are sorry to hear that. We will forward this to our team. Have a good day! Kind regards

I love this game but it can be frustrating. I have a wonderful team with amazing people who work together, the game keeps me wanting to keep checking in throughout the day etc It’s just some things are incredibly expensive, to expand on 2 islands you need a mortgage! Certain things like the silk factory gives such a small amount, and you can’t upgrade till you’re level 35. I’m someone that buys in app purchases, but not for £49.99, that’s ridiculous.

I would love to give a 5, but as some reviews state and so will I, too expensive expansion. Obtaining the tools as well for expansion takes too long. Aircraft crates ask for way too much. Growing certain crops takes too long. Making me want to pull my hair. Need to chill not get frustrated. Thanx for great graphics. I’ll be uninstalling unless updates help with these frustrating issues. If I get positive feedback and updates, I’ll reinstall.

  • Hi Sumayya! Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that and will share your feedback about this to our team. Moreover, we hope that you might still find some joy in playing the game. have a great day and best regards

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