Super Adventure of Jabber – ometown was invaded

[Game] Super Adventure of Jabber

Super Adventure of Jabber  Super Jabber Jump got over 15 million downloads! From the same creators comes: Super Adventure of Jabber!

Be ready to enjoy this jumping and running game! Never miss it!

Jabber’s hometown was invaded and destroyed by unexpected monsters. They rob Jabber’s ancestral gem. Jabber was all alone! He needs your assistance badly. Go help him take his hometown back!!!

Run, jump and explore the arcades. Travel across dangerous forest, volcano, desert, swamps, machine room, etc. Collect coins, gold, hammers to help you defeat the Monster!

Super Adventure of Jabber Features

90 new levels
A Jabber with 3D appearance
6 scenarios with magnificent graphics
22 different monsters from the former versions
Jabber can transform his size, marvelous experience!

Please note this: each world ends with a FINAL BOSS! Challenge him! Explore those tough levels with a relaxed mood. Secret tunnels are ready to show you surprises! Download for free and have fun!

Super Adventure of Jabber user reviews :

This game is so much like Super Mario Brothers, but it is different, and different enough to be worth while. I recommend it, and im sure youll go back for more and more, plus the levels arent too long, so you can get closer to beating the game, giving you a great feeling, as getting closer to beating games does make you feel good and rejuvinated with energy!

It could be better with one thing, idk how it happens but how the controls are, I’ll be playing and constantly I hit something that takes me out the came, and I have to get back in and unpause it. My fingers hit something that causes it. Wish I could flip the screen to other side of(turn screen upside down and it flips) maybe that wouldn’t happen so much. But in one game it did it so much I yelled out loud and had to stop playing cause it made me so mad. Fix that and I’ll give it 5 stars.

I love this game. The controls are so amazing. They work perfectly. Its fun and it gets more and more difficult as you go through different worlds. I love the concept. I also love that you get crystals as well as coins. It truly makes the game really fun to play. I recomed it to everyone. I just wish that there were more games like the Jabber.

My problem is with the controls. Sometimes when you touch any button for eg, forward button for some time you will see that it will continue going forward even after releasing my finger on it. But apart from that it’s an excellent game

it’s a good rendition of Super Mario, controls are responsive with easy going gameplay…not to shabby!…I enjoy playing the game. Hope to see another in the future with a different look, like maybe a zombie as the main character.

At first I rated this game 5 stars until the adds kept popping up at the bottom of the screen. You cant even see where your going. This would be an awesome game if I could see the screen. Hate to delete it but so annoying.

Good game to play to pass the time by a lil faster… But i just downloaded and haven’t really had a chanxe to play very much, but so far i like it & will continue to play… So far the grafics are great and i love the new & different adventures in each level… And it’s a relaxing game to play with everything going on in the world today, we all need a lil stress releaver… I Hope Everyone has a Wonderful & Blessed New Year’s…

Fun game! It has ads, but not over done. Other game companies should pay attention to these guys, because when you overwhelm a game with ads, we just end up not playing and deleting the game. For this one, I actually pay attention to the ads.

With the exception of not entering any pipe, downward locations, (haha thank God), it’s as good as Super Mario ;)! Name sucks though…. Jabber?? Having an interactive game like this on a phone calls for a much more authentic and cooler name. Well done though, cheers.

it started off fun but had to delete by level 5. you guys have this ad bar RIGHT NEXT to where you navigate the character. 9/10 you’re going to keep hitting that ad bar. it ruins your game. like no one had to brains to place it else where

Once I figured out how to jump higher by double clicking fast, the game was not hard to figure out. The developer of this game done a great job with no flaws as far as I seen so far. Keep up the good job

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