Ultimate Bowmasters – Shoot down birds or fruits

[Game] Ultimate Bowmasters

Ultimate BowmastersDiscover a new chapter of the world-famous action, aim and shoot game – Ultimate Bowmasters

SUPER BLOOD MODE – More fun, chaos and damages in the new mode
60+ UPDATED AND TOTALLY CRAZY CHARACTERS and tons of weapons absolutely free!
UPDATED PHYSICS AND EFFECTS Feel the mayhem like never before, and amazing FATALITIES and BRUTALITIES will definitely not leave you bored by!
SEVERAL FUN GAME MODES. Shoot down birds or fruits, defeat enemies in duels and get paid for it!

Dive into the amusement and be the first to get filled up with fun!
We’d Love You to Enjoy!

Ultimate Bowmasters user reviews :

WAY TOO MANT ADS the game is amazing but there’s ads after every battle ads between battles and I understand making purchases removes them but not everyone can buy something as simple as a dollar maybe if the ads were reduces by a bit ppl could consider making more purchases they won’t feel forced to, to remove 1 thing from a game

Game itself is basic and addictive. Good game overall. Developers though are akin to drug pushers though. Play a few with no ads, then one, another, then ads every 30 sec game, then force you to watch ads to try characters for a free trial period. I’m happy to watch ads to support and get bonuses in games. I’m sick of being forced to do so at a rate that upsets the balance of the game. This is a good game that has unfortunately been turned into an ad generating app because of greedy devs.

Obviously an upgrade from ‘Botmaster’ and I LOVE IT. It’s a lot easier to get characters which is 1 of my favourite part. Though it does have some bugs right now, I can’t stop playing

it’s a great sequel to it’s predecessor but I hate how my phone vibrates whenever I change my aim angle, it’s annoying and loud! and I tried turning it off in the settings in the main menu but that button only turns off the vibration IN the main menu and not in a battle.

Easy gameplay of arcing your shot. I think the fruit shooter mode is broken, all my shots pass through the fruit with no effect. Fun game with a colorful look.

I would give a 5 out of 5 but most of the characters you now have to buy, and I know that they are relatively cheap but the characters that were free before are not, but the gameplay is very good so I can’t complain

Dear playgendary I love this game it has new stuff and I like it but I have one problem I can’t characters from a chest all I get is money and diemands I updated the game but this doesn’t work so pleas fix this once it’s fixed I’ll give it five stars.

I love this game but the thing is why is there nothing to go and save my progress I want to be able to play this game and be able to save my progress I’m about to buy something but if I delete this I will lose everything so can you plz add some things to save my progress at least plz

I like it it’s just a more bloody version of bowmasters also, most characters are premium or money. Fix the “schoolmates” character because instead you get the singer dude. If you want less blood play bowmasters

The game was fun, I like the effect when they get hit. But they have something problem here which is when you aim and shoot fruits its not hit, it is passing through to the fruits. Can you fix it please.

I rated 4 stars because there is more ads than the original Bowmasters but I do like that there is now different characters you can play as some that you could originally play as but you can’t anymore because you need premium but other than that the games pretty good

Like normal Bowmasters but more gore! The game itself is nice. Apart from having ads every time u win or lose five stars if ads r reduced

It is really fun and realistic I have so many Halloween decorations and even come close to being as scary as this game is

The best the best game in the entire world I hope that they make more updates and make a third one and if they do I will literally try and do a six star that’s how good this game is play it try it you might like it

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