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Super Cat IdleOnce upon a time, when animals became patron gods of the Chinese zodiac, there was an unfortunate cat that could not become one because of the other animals’ jealousy!

Take the cat through a journey to reclaim its godly status in this exciting action RPG.
A weapon-switching system that allows the player to switch between three different types of weapons.
Easily acquirable skills with excellent effects!
A skill enhancement system that grants additional enhancement through combinations of Runes.
Build your own character with a wide range of costumes and weapons, changing your appearance each time when equipped.
Promotion Battle, Cat Tower, Giant Boss Battle, and Lucky Pig – exciting content to get your hands on in-game currencies.

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Very fun idle game and time waster. I wish they would give us more info on stats and maybe have the game translated by somebody that speaks english and that there was some kind of speed function as you build power faster than you can clear waves. But a really fun game.

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It is Blade Idle with cats. It could have been good. But publishers greed as reached an all time high. The ability to gain every resource you need was significantly reduced suddenly. This was done to encourage you to buy packs with real money. However, even the contents of those paid packs were reduced in what I would call a bait and switch operation. Very sketchy. Publisher should stop releasing games and actually pay attention to the games it has out.

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Liking the game so far, but at 5 days play time, it’s slowed down a lot. Sitting through a bunch of “kill monsters 300x” quests drags the experience down a bit. Maybe I’m not playing it right.

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Pretty good. Has some bugs and the censor list is ridiculous (long, game, have ect.) But overall I enjoy it and have made some chat friends. Needs to work on item drops and offline rewards.

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fix the gold & xp edit: new patch, still not fixed the drop rates, gold is x10 but meh. rabbit is basically unbeatable without P2W, or unless if you managed to play pre-release when the games economy was broken. I have put a serious amount of time and strat into this game since release, I can only get to roughly rank 150 global. However, my dmg is only 705.7a, and I can not get past rabbit?

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I feel like the content of the game could be really good but it is continuously crashing to the point that I can’t get past the loading screen. Please fix this problem.

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So far haven’t had an issue. Just kind of disappointed that it’s just Blade Idle but as a cat instead. Will update review if anything else comes up, but I’m not sure I will continue playing since I could just… play Blade Idle instead.

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