Slime Labs 3 – Secrets and multiple endings

[Game] Slime Labs 3

Slime Labs 3Slime is marooned on planet Freezia and needs your help!

Explore a frozen lab with slippery ice and new dangerous traps. Slime Labs 3 is a physics based platformer where you control a blob of green ooze that can squish, stretch, shrink, and get frozen. Perfect all the levels while collecting all the lost data disks.


Super fun slime physics
Addicting gameplay
New game mechanics
Catchy retro tunes
Secrets and multiple endings

Slime Labs 3 user reviews :

Really great game! It took me around an hour and a half to complete the whole game. I will say there were some glitches, in level 11 the laser would sometimes clip the 2nd moving platform which was a little annoying. Also in level 10 I kept restarting the level to try to perfect it, when I reached near the end, no extra slime was given. That did not changed much though, I was able to actually beat the level easier because of it. Overall I like the game Neutronized! Stay safe

The game is alright, I might be a little too harsh since it’s the first patch but I’ve been playing slime labs since the first game came out. The pros are their is not too many ads, and the game will keep you entertained. The cons are that there’s a few annoying bugs, and the game has occasional lag spikes here and there. Overall I’d recommend casual play since the secret ending is not worth it, it was literally a small clip that had no value, basically a teaser trailer.

From what I’ve played so far, it’s pretty great! It’s very casual, fun, and an amazing time killer aswell. It’s one of those games you see yourself coming back to every once in a while, which is pretty good considering the other amazing games on the app store (like super cat tales 2). The only critiques I can have are some of the placements of the collectibles, although it stays pretty consistent. Also the movement can be a little wacky, but it’s still good. A solid 7 or 8/10 game.

I’ll make it short and simple: The game is running at weird rates, sometimes it’s fast but most of the time it’s slow as snail making it pretty much unplayable and just annoying. Corners kill for no reason which costed me some time and attempts. Also, Slime is way too difficult to control, it’s hard to move precisely. Also I got all floppy disks but in the end cutscene it said I needed to play more levels, no idea if that’s supposed mean to that there might be Slime Labs 4 or more levels in 3.

I had so much fun playing through each level. (especially the ones where you need to rush) Also, I think there are some lasers that are supposed to activate at stage 9 when you first split up but didn’t? Overall very good!

Feels more like a repurpased game. Gave up on level 15 after half an hour on that level. The electric gates bug out and look turned on always.the game lags a lot on the snowfalling levels. The game is fine but it feels like the developers didnt care much and took slime labs 2 slaped a few mechanics and called it a day.

It was ok at best. The game is fun with all the stuff it introduces but the game’s perfomance is kinda bad and corners kill you for no reason and the checkpoints are kinda in bad spots. But other then that the game is ok.

Really fun game to me! I played it everyday. The ads aren’t popping out too much. And thats great, though the levels are a little hard.. but i still love it! And of course. Im giving it a 5/5! This is the best slime game i’ve ever seen. I’ll never stop playing it!

Fun ad free game can be a little frustrating at certain parts because the movement is a little wonky but I’m just saying that because I have skill issues.

i really like this game but there is a bug that when you at de level the lazer with the moving platforms i go the correct way and i die please fix this!

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