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Super ClockSuper Clock Wallpaper Light is the ultimate clock Live Wallpaper.

It displays the Time and Date, and you can apply your own images and photos as backgrounds or, if you prefer a more minimal look, set a background color.

Supports both 24h and AM/PM clock modes, and if you like, you can hide text in lockscreen.

It is designed both for Phones and for Tablets. Android 4.4 KitKat is completely supported.

Super Clock Wallpaper is studied to be featherweight and keeps your battery life safe, also it is optimized to work with every display resolution, with complete support for HD and FullHD tablets.

The Clock is currently displayed in English, French, German, Italian, Portoguese or Spanish.

With Super Clock Wallpaper you can unleash your creativity and give your phone a unique and personal look!

If you want to see the Live Wallpaper in action, take a look to the related video!!

Super Clock user reviews :

My favorite clock wallpaper. Elegant and simple. I wish the creator would update it! (it fails when I reboot my phone)

This application is nice but sometimes if you use the application the respon I got it’s stopping it will stop working

I am using this for years and tell dates its the best clock wallpaper.

I love it because I can find out the time and date fast and it’s so easy to see.

Please update this app. It was at one time my favorite wallpaper.

why it is not sticking on to my anroid phone?

I very much liked the many fonts and styles. However, I didn’t want this as a wallpaper. I only wanted this displayed on one screen, not as a permanent under-display for all screens. If it were designed as a widget that would stick to one screen page then I would like it much more and would more likely use it.

It’s nice but I downloaded the pro and don’t seem to be any real difference, besides changing the background. And alot of options seem to be blanked out. I have a droid turbo running Nova launcher pro.

Couldn’t customize it. I even bought the pro version and nothing changed. About 5 years ago, I loved this app. Now it’s worthless.

The settings won’t let me make my own background as it shows me. Just a black screen and white letters.

Big clock exactly that I was looking for. highly recommend if you can buy the pro application much better

Apps…smoothy look and easy to set in free mode and for people who new in andro apps like this one…once again, nice app

Tried the free version. It doesn’t have the ability to change the position of the clock so I can’t use it.

What a great clock! I love it! Sadly I purchased the pro version and it was messed up in its display on my phone but check it out it has tons of options if it works you will be pleased! And at 99.¢ how can you go wrong!

I Purchase the pro version but I still get the adverts and some of the applications won’t open, my issues have all been resolved everything works as it should nice app well recommend

  • Hi Bill, the Pro version don’t have the ads, so probably you’re still using the Free version. Check if the Pro version is correctly installed. Thanks!

I am clearly giving you a 5ive-Star rating. So unique, but include world timing and more elegant fonts The jumbo features certainly mark the app out as special

Too less feature for the free version! Other then tat it’s beautiful n clean!!!

Omg it is soooooo good I suggest you install this app it is like really good. No joke.

It gives me a very attractive home screen with low memory requirements

Almost excellent need to get wallpapers from any apps on phone

I’ve had it for quite some time, I install it on every phone I get because no phone has had a clock that I could deal with, visually. The editing options, as well as the wallpaper, are great! Wish my new phone would let me edit my themes as well as this clock does! I’m even thinking of updating to the pay version, tho it’s not necessary since it already does wat I need. – but the pay version has some ‘optional’ options that are kinda cool. Thanks for this app, it really has made things ever so much easier!

  • Hi micki, thanks for your great review! Do you have some suggestions on how to furtherly improve the app? Thanks!!

It’s good but this version so many spend for the other customize to do setting.

I love the clock cuz i can see the numbers with out my glasses, my hubby wanted to see pics n the clock got changed. Found how to change it back very happy now. Ty

I’m impressed. Doesn’t work w/gallery images though. Still I’m KEEPING IT. THANKS.

  • Hello, thanks for your feedback! Can you please provide us with more details about the issue you’re experiencing with the gallery? We tested across a huge variety of devices and we never had problems with embedded galleries. Can you please send us a bug report or an email explaining the issue? Thanks!!

It works well, plenty of features, and it looks nice. 4 stars.

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