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Super DrumSuper Drum simulates a real drum set and brings a lifelike drummer experience with a high level of realism.

Whether for learning, practicing or just for fun, Super Drum is complete and easy to play. With many musical genres available, for free, Super Drum is the best option for those who want to learn to play drums. A music school or a music game, whichever you prefer!


Do I need to know how to play drums to use Super Drum? No! We developed “class mode” inside of Super Drums, where anyone can learn to play drums. Our skins are from an actual drum set, and we have the option to mirror it, so left-handed people can easily adapt. It’s perfect for anyone who’s looking forward to learning drums or just wants to improve their skills as a drummer.


As Super Drum simulates a real drum set, it’s a great option for anyone who wants to learn to play drums but doesn’t have or can’t afford an actual drum set or an electronic drum set. In “class mode” you can improve your skills bit by bit! An indicative rhythim timeline shows which drum or cymbal you should tap, so you’ll be easily making music from the first experience. Our score system helps you evaluate your performance and progress, in a very simple and didactic way. The best thing about Super Drum is being able to play it anywhere and anytime, so when you get your physical drum set, just replace your fingers with drumsticks!


Check the main features of Super Drum:
Easy-to-use and Intuitive Menu
Class Mode to learn to play
Lessons to practice and improve your skills
Different drum set styles
Themed music tracks to play along
Simulates a physical drum
Change the skins on your drums
Record an audio and share
Studio-quality sound
Easy to play
Left-handed mode
Works in many screen resolutions – smartphones and tablets (HD images)
Play it for FREE!
Play with your own songs
Sounds like the actual instrument

An app developed by musicians for all music and drum lovers.


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SUPER DRUM, music in your pocket!

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Super Drum user reviews :

Put search option in “my files” section to choose songs , because it’s hard to select any particular song plus its takes time to do so, because it is not organised in alphabetical order and also when one song is playing and if we want to change the another song , then it takes time to open my “all files” because it start from the beginning. I hope developer will fix all this soon..

  • Vivek! We appreciate the feedback! It’s very important to us! Thanx a lot!

It’s a great drumming app. No delay. But the snare click doesnt work. It only works when I’m adjusting the volume of each kit. But when its time to play even if I hit the snare on specific part. The snare click wont work. Thats the only minor problem I have. And of course the DYNAMICS. But I understand you can’t put a dynamics on a phone screen. So I understand the volume will always be the same.

Probably the best drumming app out there (that I’ve tried) the sound of the ride bell changes, unlike the real drum app! Love that. The only thing I dont like is the way cymbals react to swelling – I wish they didnt reset the sample every time. I wish it would just play it again over the old one. Any way you could implement that? Other than that, it’s perfect. The sounds are great and the UI is functional. Cheers!

I dunno what everyone’s talking about with the ads lol. I think during a recording session I get MAYBE 1 ad. That’s pretty damn good. This isn’t a complaint but a question, when recording along with a track, is there anyway I can get the drums only without the backing track? And I think everything sounds great, I just wish I could change the sound of the snare. Other than that, yeah best drum app by far. -from a real drummer- -chris

Please improve the sound of the ‘Ride’ and ‘Bell’ because they seem too low to actually be heard if they are played with the other parts of the drum. Also, improve the overall performance of the app as I have been experiencing some slight delay of it. Overall, the drum sounds are okay, just need to improve the app so that we won’t be experiencing slight delays.

This drum is the best. I love the sounds but there’s one little thing I’m having trouble with.The rimshort is too close to the snare. Could you have it on the exterior of the snare so it could be much easier to do rolls and not hit the rim when trying to hit the snare and also could you add the volume for hihat and everything so that it’s easy to adjust the sounds. Besides this it’s a wonderful app recommend it for everyone to use.

  • Hey Pitch, what’s up! Thanks a lot for your feedback! We took note of your ideas and the team is already working to improve the app! Feel free to always send your suggestion here

Great app, great idea and love the fact that I can play along to songs but I’m still getting lag when I press the drum. I press it and the sound comes about a second afterwards. Not really good when I’m tryna make a beat to a song and it just laggs. Not really acceptable for a drumming app is it.

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