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DJ Mixer StudioDJ Music Mixer – Music Remix is a powerful and fascinating Virtual DJ Music Studio with 3-band EQ mixer, FX, 10 bands Equalizer & Bass Booster, that can simultaneously play and remix your songs on two decks to create stunning effects.

It use a design that simulates the real DJ console, you can slide the control Bar, rotate the knob, scrub the disc back and forth like in reality, giving you a vivid and interesting interactive experience. With DJ Music Mixer, small phone instantly transforms into a DJ console, which can be practiced for free at home or showcased when going out for party.

DJ Music Remix designed by professional dj and can meet all professional needs. It has the functions of ten segment eq precise adjustment, fx effects processor, high and low pass filters, BPM proofreading synchronization, segment cycle, sample package, and cross fader gradual exit. Come and use it quickly to master these professional functions, make you further away from professional djs by DJ Music Mixer.

DJ Mixer – Music Remix allows you to easily get started and learn, suitable for all ages people to try. It has an intuitive and clear beginner guidance interface, allowing you to quickly understand the basic functions of the controller. At the same time, it has made specialized adaptations for phone size, with larger buttons and colorful colors for better operation. Even if you haven’t learned DJ operation skills before or don’t have expensive DJ equipment, DJ Music Remix can help you quickly get started and operate proficiently like a professional DJ.

Professional DJ Music Mixer – DJ Mix Studio

Designed by professional dj to meet all professional Functional requirement
Three quick EQ adjustment buttons and ten segment equalizer precise adjustment
Seven fx effects processor, including AutoWah, Echo, Damp, Reverb, Chorus, Phaser and Rotate
Eight loop modes from 1/8 to 16 beats
Up to 8 hotspots can be set
Bass enhancement quickly releases the energy of DJ music
27 completely free sample packages with stunning sound effects inserted into songs

Intuitive and easy operation of DJ Mixer Disc
Simulate a real DJ console for an intuitive and realistic operating experience
Adapted to the size of the phone’s operating interface and color buttons
Simple and intuitive operation methods and beginner tutorials, suitable for all ages people
Quickly read local songs on your phone, sort and play them according to the way you want
Record your inspirational moments with one click recording
Convenient to carry, practice anytime or show to friends

Smooth and natural connection of DJ Remix Music
Real time display of song BPM for better knowing song rhythm and adjusting
Bpm synchronization function ensures rhythm of two songs is the same
Tone locking function, BPM adjustments do not affect the tone
Two deck consoles play simultaneously or alternately
Crossfader adjust volume ratio of two tracks, fade-in and fade-out
Wide audio frequency spectrum better coordinate the switching of two tracks

DJ Mixer Studio – DJ Music Mix is a non-threshold DJ mixer, and its high simulation of real DJ controllers allows beginners to quickly get started. At the same time, professional feature of DJ Music Remix allow you to refine DJ skills. Come into the fascinating world of DJ, experience the wonderful feeling of creating music yourself with DJ Mixer Disc- DJ Remix Music!

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DJ Mixer Studio user reviews :

Well I like the interface… I’d give a 5 star for that but… You need to work on plenty things concerning this app… As a professional Dj I’d add that the scratching should be made more accurate, it shouldn’t have a default sound… The loop lags.. it ain’t timely… The cues ain’t accurate too… You should also add a pitch bend feature or button to adjust the song beat grid at will… The equalizers should be touched too… I promise to share this app if these adjustments are made ASAP

Yo Developers nice job done well and good onya’s for just simply doing it how it should be done . . . The apps ui is straight up & straight forward personally I really like the colour coordination for all the controls i found it easy to navigate thru all the apps functions anđ abilities within minutes . . . Not gunna complain about millisecond smoooothe seamlessnes or beatcount discrepancies coz all in all a great job on this marvellous application

  • Dear eM Cee, Thanks for your support! If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to develop better products.

This is by far the best dj mixing app that I’ve used so far. I’ve tried six other mixing apps and none of them come close to how it resembles the real thing. Turntable scratch time matches up perfect so there’s no lag in between. The mixing crossfader is great for loading up songs and letting the mixer go back and forth between songs. So many effects that are easy to use. Im amazed how they got everything so perfect. I really can’t find any flaws.

  • Dear Bonniface, Thanks for your support! If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to develop better products.

Just found this App after searching for the best DJ mixing Apps for Android . I haven’t explored it totally yet. Since it has many cool features. I have read lots of good reviews on this app. So far very promising. When I get to explore and experiment more I will gladly give it 5 stars. First few things I have to find out is ,how to get to use headphones to cue the next track on the other deck., And organize the track list from music files by BPMs or add BPM to the track tittle.

  • Dear Gilberto, we are so sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We will consider your good advice to optimize our product. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to contact us! Thanks for your support!

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