Super Falling Fred – Smash a new host of annoying characters

[Game] Super Falling Fred

Super Falling FredThe Master of Concussions is back for more!

Come along Fred’s latest and most vertical adventure yet – from sky-high to the fiery depths of the earth. Upgrade your character’s skills, discover amazing power-ups and smash a new host of annoying characters.

Zoom past dozens of new ridiculously dangerous traps.

Dynamic music track that follows the action!

Upgradeable skills.

Physics-controlled characters.

Challenge and beat your friends.

Super Falling Fred user reviews :

Really fun free-falling game. I like the way the music shifts when the level changes. All i have to say that this is one great game.

This game is a ripoff and doesn’t restore any purchases if it gets deleted and reinstalled. My six year old is upset. He’s played this game a lot and has progressed so far and the game accidently got deleted and now none of the progress is there. Can’t contact the developers either. Zero stars!

I love the game i played when i was 5 and im 12 now but the app is not working most of the time because it has an add and it stays stuck on loading so can you please fix that bug because it never did this please and thank you.

Still as fun as when I first played it on my iPhone but now I have an android and I’m loving this game on it Shame the developer has abandoned this game.. last updated in 2015.. its actually still a good game.

Yeh its awesome that this game is here its great in evwry way have ao much fun with the physics cheers for making this one work . should add more blood and gore in some ways make it super

Great game, had it years ago too.. just added it back and there are still a few glitches. Other than that, its awesome.

When I start to play, it shows a black screen and it’s not loading the game. If this game can’t be fix, I will be disappointed.

Exactly as promised…fall and crash..easy to play..a good quick time killer. Funny graphics.

So i looked at the revews and this idiot said “the dummy broke bones even though they dont have bones” but its just a game. Also all of your games bring back memories.

this game brins back so many memories dang its been so long since i’ve played its was super fun played for hours not even doing homework best time waster game

I miss the old version, if the classic was still working, I’ve could have rated it 5 stars!

i gave super falling Fred 5 stars because it works on my tablet but falling Fred doesn’t work it says it needs a update please fix it i love this please check my review carefully then fix the bug I’m using a android tablet

I like the game but the reason that I put 4 stars is because I would like the game to have levels.

It’s so fun but although why is it everything I start it up there 2th time it’s a black screen?

Love this game, too bad the original is completely broken. Try not to do the same with this.

Great game to pass the time but why does it need all of my information including my photos my identification and I have to accept it or it won’t let me download the game

I love this game this game is so funny Falling fred is the best The characters are great

Awesome and the great one that I can see you on my list of my favorite things to say about the best game of the week

It’s good but won’t open up if you close the game during ads

Nostalgia. I know fred is a fictional character but damn hes been through hell more than any of us. Like an endless cycle.

Its an amazing game an absolute classic ive been playing this game on and off for 6 years now love it

this game too fast in nightmare mode this game get a five for real like dang

Very fun I love zombie fred but plz add more characters

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