Sushi Cat – All he needs is sushi and love

[Game] Sushi Cat

Sushi Cat He’s cuddly. He’s squishy. All he needs is sushi and love.

Pachinko-style physics puzzle game Sushi Cat is free on Android, with 27 levels of awesome fun for everyone. Based on the hit Flash game series loved by millions, Sushi Cat now fits in your phone for you to get your puzzle game fix on the go. In the name of love, drop your kitty from the top of the screen and watch him bounce off obstacles, nomming delicious nigiri and gathering power-ups, to meet your target goal.

Physics never looked so tasty as your jelly-like blue kitty eats his way across the screen, but be careful! You only have a few tries to puzzle out how to reach the level’s goal. With cute graphics, simple puzzling and addictive gameplay, and squishy physics charm galore, Sushi Cat is the perfect addition to your gaming library.

Make true love happen by reuniting Sushi Cat with his beloved
Bright and colourful graphics with charm tell a cute, funny story
The perfect blend of casual physics puzzle gameplay… with cats
27 levels of easy to pick up pachinko-style sushi-based gameplay

Sushi Cat user reviews :

Whenever I watch an ad my phone crushes and I have to turn it off and on once or twice and after every cutscene I have to restart the game because the screen stays black. But it does say the app is for an older android version… I give it 5 stars because I like the game and it’s pretty fun but probably only going to play it on the computer for the time being.

Ads are well distrubuted. Super cute. Funny story. Cats. I preFUR playing on the pc because it looks and controls better, but for a mobile game, it’s pretty good. I really can’t think of anything negitive. The cutsene quality is low, but it does not really annoy me too much. 5 stars!!

Why does this game crash my tablet?. Every time it lags it crashs the game. I did not think that a game with not that much put into it lags very badly that it crashs the game epic game tho i love it (still plase fix that. Also add save button cuz every time it crashs i lose my progress and theres no “save button” so i cant save my progress) and also like 1 level has like 2 to 5 levels in one level.

It was a pretty good game, short, but good. It took me a little over 2 hours to finish; though I played this game on the computer in the past. The app is quite simular (almost the same) to the computer version, though I think I liked the computer version better. It’s a short but sweet game; and not too hard though as you progress through it, it gets a little harder. If you want a short and uncomplicated game I would suggest this, but I think some might find it a little too simple. I liked it.

The game was my childhood. I remember how me and my cousin would play it again and again. It was amazing to get back to it but I got a little sad because of how it kept crashing every 2 levels. I think that’s because of the ads that are supposed to be there but no longer are. Also on one of the times when I opened the game it gave me a message “Find the girl to go on a honeymoon” and It had the “okay” button down. It was a little creepy, but I ignored it. Overall a fun game but keeps crashing.

Im really upset. It loaded the first cutscene but when it went to the game it froze on a black screne playing music. I reopened the app and saw the map, but when I pressed the 1 it just froze again. Please fix! I played this game on computer when I was 7 and really enjoyed it so thats why I gave 3 stars.

such a underrated cute game! brings back memories of Kongregate. not much story but it’s not like it needs it ^w^ does come with a couple of hickups like having to restart the game now and then. would love to see the other games in this series on here too!

I’ve replayed sushi cat so many times in my life on desktop I didn’t even know they had it as an app too. Now I get to relive the nostalgia once more I will never get tired of this cute and simple game! Wish they had a whole lot more levels because I would play through the whole thing.

Omg yes! It’s finally on mobile! It’s exactly how it used to be, awesome music and all. Sometimes the screen goes black after an ad or animation but I just restart the game and it plays through.

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