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[Game] SushiChop

SushiChopSushiChop is an easy to learn, but difficult to master slicing game.

Your finger is the razor-sharp knife, as you swipe your way to sushi chopping glory!

Cut with precision and skill to fill each tray before the timer runs out. Fill a tray chopping the fewest fish necessary to earn a Perfect Chop bonus, but beware the stinky green fish!

Product Features:
2 Game modes! Earn as much as you can with 3 lives in SushiChop mode, then tackle SushiMaster mode, where you are tasked with slicing only the fish that match the order cards!
Unlockable Kids Mode! Bigger, easier to slice fish, More time between trays, and no more stinky fish to ruin your sushi!
Complete fish challenge modes to earn all 24 Mishellin stars; Earn 3 stars for a type of fish for bigger bonuses!
High resolution graphics great for your phone or tablet. That’s some tasty looking sushi!
Online and Offline Leaderboards and Achievements
Awesome power ups and upgrades to maximize your scoring and earning potential!
7 Unique and powerful blades to choose from, including the popular Jade Blade and Bamboo Blade!
Play for free! Remove ads by purchasing any coin pack!
HeyZap integration, with leaderboards, check-ins, and social network sharing, to compete and brag to your friends about your Sushi Chop conquests!

Satisfy your Sushi craving and download SushiChop today!

SushiChop user reviews :

i love the game, addicting and fun. however… the free coins from the store is a jip… i shouldve gotten over 9k coons but iver gotten nothing but less space in my phone from downloading games for the coins. fun games but still no advancement in shushi chop. i put a few hours into the “free coins”. got nothing for it… i hooe i can get coins for this inconvenience.

Absolutely love the gameplay, it’s easy and loads of fun, while allowing for skill development. Graphics and music are excellent.

Wanted to reinstall a few years after I stopped playing it but wow those permissions look completely unnecessary and sketchy.

this is absolutely one of my favorite games I have three different cell phones from three different carrier and I’m still on sushi chop thank you guys for saving that game cuz this is amazing

Downloaded this in 2013 still amazing to see it here and to play it again well made game a must play!

Ah…..memories…when I was still small..I play this game and now coming back to it this 2019 just makes me go tear in joy

I liked this game so much, yet at my high score is that I purposely cut off the rotten fish that ruined my sushi tray and waiting for the fresh fish without the rotten fish would be out of its lives.

When I was 5 I played this game and broke my tablet and couldn’t find the game now I’m reunited with the game.

IM having fun. But there are way to many (AD’s) During the game I hate that

very addictive short game. I love it better than Fruit Ninja

Love this game since 2015, keep up the good work!

I do like this app had so much fun with this app but to many Ad’s

why are the adds so aggressive and they take over your phone

Just love it! Takes my mind off of stuff

I mean come on THIS is the best app out there. Its fun and it makes me hungry lol im pretty sure ive even lost weight due to the fact that im craving and devouring sushi now lol SO to recap this is the best app ever bc its fun, it have appetite inspiring graphics, in this game you DON’T need to spend real MONEY on fake game money to unlock cool things bc you actually win game money quickly so you can unlock cool things i.e. different sushi knives power ups and even kids mode where there are no stinky fish!

Sushi Chop is a great tablet or touch screen game. Easy to learn how to play. It’s like fruit ninja but with fish. Avoid green, stinking fish. They are rotten and will ruin your tray. Wasabi and ginger are extra points. Lots of other things will give you more points or coins. Hit a tray and it will finish your tray for you. Hit frozen fish and you will soon see a frozen fish which you can chop for a bonus. Basically, anything unusual that comes up, try to get it. The challenges are harder than you might think and I routinely fail them. But I like that it isn’t too easy. Buy a few coins and it will get rid of the ads. It’s cheap and worth it.

Similar to Fruit Ninja and just as much, or more fun. I like the graphics, sounds effects and background music, too. The kids really enjoy it, too.

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