Sweet Revenge – Help Angela make customers look stunning

[Game] Fabulous – Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge The award winning creators of the famous Delicious – Emily series bring you a bitingly fresh Time

Management game for fashion addicts!

After a shotgun Vegas wedding, spontaneous Angela decides it’s time to follow her dreams. She moves to the Big Apple and starts her career as a fashion designer. Angela couldn’t be any happier, until one day she discovers her husband has a treacherous secret! Will she be able to control her impulses…?

The first two levels are free with an in-game unlock for the full complement of levels.

Game features

the game is available in English, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish and French
help Angela make customers look stunning in beautiful outfits
follow the impulsive escapades of a hopelessly romantic young woman
complete 4 exciting time management levels in a divine fashion boutique
get to know Angela’s 3 best friends ever: Jenny, Kitty and Virginia
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Sweet Revenge user reviews :

1.99 to play 4 levels. the game is not long enough especially for the price. I like gamehouse games im a big fan of them but 9.99 a month is just too much. 1.99 a game i would pay (for the longer ones) but for only 4 levels. when i bought the game I definitely expected more then 4 levels. if I would have known I wouldn’t have paid for it. I paid 1.99 and 10 minutes later the game was over. definitely a waste of money

  • Thanks for your feedback, please know for 9.99 a month you have access to our catalog of GameHouse Original Stories. For more information please see our app  tinyurl.com/yxg8hkaq or write to us at ghos[at]gamehouse.com Kind regards, GameHouse

It’s only 4 level game and only 2 levels are free. I really wish it will be free soon cuz this is the first Fabulous Angela game and it’s been years since it’s released. GH sure has some revenue now to make this 2 levels free. I really love the concept. Also I like the option to choose the design to be in the shop which I didn’t find in Wedding disaster.

It is disappointing that unlike other GameHouse games this one only goes a couple of levels and then doesn’t let you play anymore without purchasing the game or a subscription to GameHouse. I wish it was like the other games I’ve been playing where you can purchase a subscription or buy the game or watch the ads to move on. You don’t even get a real gist of the game because the trial version is so short.

Game house you all are getting over on people!! I like game house but will not give you all any more of my money. I paid 1,99 thinking I was going to play the full version of Angela Sweet Revenge because it said that but no it’s not even the full level it was only 4 levels. I already paid 9,99 and it didn’t hold up to what it said. Game house get a 1 for me the games are fun but the company game house I won’t do any more.

Amazing graphics and everything except for one tiny ity bity thing so…you have to pay for the rest of the levels on 3ed level I’m so sorry but it’s so annoying bgg that I uninstalled it dont play this game unless you have a credit card waste of space and time…smh never ever again but I’ll still play the other games thank you gamehouse for these games!

This game looks lovely but I cannot play it. Every time I have tried to play, there is a message that either says “angela’s sweet revenge is unavailable” or “unfortunately Angela’s sweet revenge has stopped” and I cannot fix these messages. I would like to play this game one day. I have an Acer iconia tab a2000 if that helps. Pease fix this issue. I am uninstalling now.

  • Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear the game doesn’t work properly. You could try the following: – clear your cache – turn off all apps – restart your device – check your available memory I hope one of these works for you! If not, please mail us at ghos[at]gamehouse.com. Kind regards, GameHouse

I completed this game in 10 minutes. There is one location and four levels only. normally there are 50 to 60 levels per game. It is shorter than one venue in a standard Emily game. Would have been good if not for being shorter than a demo. I subscribe, but if all the other Angela original story games are this short, I wont be keeping the subscription. I was looking forward to my first Angela game too.

  • Thanks for your feedback! I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy this short game. Our other Fabulous Angela games have 60 story levels plus challenge levels. I hope you you find a game you love!

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