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Cooking UniversalAre you the kind of person who has an endless passion for food fever?
You are a true gourmet?

Have you ever thought about the prospect that our Earth will be filled with countless extremely attractive dishes? Each of your flights will land in a colorful food kingdom with unforgettable flavors.

There will be numerous unexpected joys along your culinary discovery journey that you never seen that before. You show off your chef skills, cook delicious dishes to serve diners.

You will impress even the most demanding diners with regional specialties from all over the world such as Japanese, French, Singaporean, American meals, fast food, cakes, coffee, tea, …

From sweet desserts to mouth-watering burgers, from Singapore lobster to the famous French Escargot grilled snails, combining them with seasonal signature elements creates a frenzy cuisine world full of surprises.

Diners at the American restaurant will be eager to try the New York Pizza, classic Apple Pie, or the high-protein, fresh Alaskan king crab.
Otherwise, tourists can satisfy their hunger with a variety of delectable fast-food options such as hamburgers, pizza, french fries, sandwiches, hotdogs, and so on.

The European restaurant serves exquisite French standard steaks, French bread, croissants, and quality Bordeaux wines in addition to the traditional grilled snail cuisine.

Asian visitors beside that may enjoy your authentic Japanese sashimi, ramen, and bento… There will be plenty of delicious food waiting for you, as well as opportunities to practice your cooking skills in a variety of different kitchens and learn unique food preparation techniques from around the world!

Unlock hundreds of delectable recipes for you to prepare and serve in your own restaurant. Let’s test out every kitchen appliance imaginable, from coffee makers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers.

Decorate your restaurants in order to attract more customers. Serve your own freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes, to personalize and memorable your customers’ experiences – just like in real life! Improve your food-fever restaurant and produce a wider range of dishes!

Thousands of yummy meals from all over the world!
A huge variety of world-renowned cuisines for you to discover!
Over 1000 levels to complete!
Hundreds and hundreds of kitchen appliance and interior upgrade options!
Tournaments, challenges, and numerous events in which to compete and win!

Special meals can be completed with the Cooking Power – Boostery item to instantly perfect the delectable dishes.
Use a Special pan to avoid overcooking!
Someone will assist you in carrying the items if you have the Master Chef Support item.
Finally, don’t forget to increase your income with the Double bonus, man! Be rich so you can buy more better items!

You’re really in for a lot of fun!

Hit the road, guys. Remember to prioritize good service, be courteous to diners, and concentrate on peak hours!
Let’s overcome the obstacles and enjoy this fascinating cooking game.

Cooking on Earth and download this choking game right now!

Cooking Universal user reviews :

It was good until all the glitches happen. I don’t like the fact that customers are already coming in even before the level officially starts which robs of a few seconds. Then when you clicked on ads to get rewards, it won’t load and yet there’s ads in every level that goes on automatically. Unintalling!

  • Hi Chef! We appreciate your feedback and continuously fixing your problem to give you a better experience with Cooking Universal, so let’s await! Stay tune

The graphics were okay. The games progression was uneventful. I was only on the second restaurant when I had decided I had had enough. Since the start of the game, I lost sound after the first round was successfully played. I was closing the game and reopening it to get the sound back. I was not interested in reaching out to game support for assistance as my experience with the game was unremarkable.

  • Hi Chef! We appreciate your feedback and continuously fixing your problem to give you a better experience with Cooking Universal, so let’s await! Stay tune

It’s a Fun game. Only annoying part is there’s an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL!!! Even if you pause the game you have to go through an ad before they let you begin

  • Thank you for your feedback, we are always trying to bring the best gameplay experience to users. And there are many factors to maintain the game. The ads should disappear after any purchase of Ruby Packs. Please contact our support via “Setting”, then “Contact us”. We will try our best to help you. Anyway wish you all the best

A very enjoyable game , so far just start playing. Just hope it’s not like the Cooking Star game , where you cannot finish the level that your on , but so far so good on this one , and the ads  on some of these games it’s ridiculous, and the money that you have to spend,I just don’t quite understand, have a good one

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