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SystemPanel 2This is an early access/development release of SystemPanel 2.

Please report any bugs or suggestions you have to android[at]

SystemPanel 2 is a re-imagining of SystemPanel from the ground up.

The UI has been entirely redesigned, with the main screen now providing an overview of your device’s recent behavior/activity.

More detailed information is available from the left slide out panel, or by tapping on items on the overview page. Material Design is used throughout.

This app is under active development, more features will be added in upcoming releases.

The app is designed to work with or without root access. Root access is recommended on Android 7 and later, because Android 7 adds some fairly draconian restrictions on the ability for a user to see what is running on his/her device. SystemPanel will not use root by default, but you can enable it on the “General” settings page. Version 2 is greatly expanding support for root users, with features such as enabling/disabling apps, permissions, and individual services.

SystemPanel 2 is not being distributed as an upgrade to the original SystemPanel. You can even have both versions on your device at the same time. Version 2 no longer uses a pay-to-unlock-all-features revenue model. All features are free. It has “native” ads, and you can pay a couple of bucks to remove them permanently. The ads are intended to blend into the UI so they aren’t distracting, they don’t animate, and they don’t annoy. The ads are marked with “AD” to avoid confusion.

Thank you for testing!

SystemPanel 2 user reviews :

Cool app. I’ve used several device information and anti-malware apps simultaneously to check app updates, requested permissions and XML data. System Panel provides accurate and reliable information about apps and devices. If you your phone calls are being published to the internet, use the control panel to check which apps accessed your call logs and texts during the incident. Thanks developers!

Almost perfect – or completely, but perhaps for me personally it lacked stuff I would’ve love to have. Also needs a bit of hack to set up this, plugging phone via USB to PC, Installing ADK, or at least ADB, connecting to device and sending commands to enable permissions not available to common apps – and this app follows you step by step, moving to next after you completed previous step. Very nice.!

[NEW UPDATE] I really like this app a lot but the problem I have is is there’s too much distractions on the screen. I would love to see a simple version in a list format with the exact same dark background but with a more simple list format with one simple CPU usage graph at the top so you can monitor CPU usage and check out the CPU readings in order to figure out which apps are holding more CPU usage. But I do like the very flexible fluid display.

i find this app super useful for being the only app able to disable individual services for a certain application. however sometimes disabling the wrong service causes that app to crash, and even after reinstall it won’t fix it. also you should add possibility to export a config with the disabled services. 5 stars afterwards, i put 1 star for you to see it. thanks

I have used new yet Im giving 5 stars because been using system panel light for years now ever since i had my 1st android 4.0….. but the problem with making apps for root, lets just say I’ve made a couple of phones destroyed trying to root them in past.. never will try to root again, they need to come out with more way to use Linux to root phones ,never use windows anymore.. Linux distributions all the way windows blows crap.

Its good and beautiful, pliz add an option to set working it in home screen, like it can be viewed in home screen but other options will work when app is opened so it wont hamper wit other home screen functions

Rare quality! It’s tough to find quality of this caliber on the I’m on the ad supported version. I wish all dev teams produced results as well thought out, functional, and tactfully presented as this. Thanks for the best developed playstore app I’ve ever used.

Last Update :

Android 9 support. NOTE: on Android 9, Enhanced Statistics requires an additional permission, INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS, is required and must be set-up via ADB, root, or Windows utility app.
Automatic guessing of system load baseline.
Ad-supported version now has standard AdMob ads, because AdMob killed the nice-looking native ads

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