Tail Gun Charlie – Defend your bomber against the ever-growing waves of Axis fighters

[Game] Tail Gun Charlie

Tail Gun Charlie  Man the tail gun turret in this WWII action/arcade shooter!

Use your phone’s gyroscope or touchscreen to aim your guns, and touch either red button to open fire.

The tail gunner was a critical role in the crew of bombers like the B-17, B-24, B-25, and B-29.

Guns! Rack your twin .50-cals to defend your bomber against the ever-growing waves of Axis fighters.

Planes! Me-109s, FW-190s, Bf-110s, whatever the Axis can throw at you.

Lives! You only get 5. Once 5 enemy fighters make it past your defenses, it’s game over for you and your flight crew.

Ammo! As in unlimited, you’ll never run out! Just keep an eye on how hot your guns are; if they overheat, the enemy won’t wait for them to cool down before swooping in for the kill.

This game is graphically demanding, which means it will gleefully eat your battery. Don’t play if you’re without a charger and waiting for that call from the hospital to let you know your new kidney has arrived.

If you’re aiming using your gyroscope and it drifts out of alignment (or you want to face a different direction), just point your phone at where the “center” should be and hit the Align button at bottom left.

Works with the Arkade Blaster: www.arkade.games

Tail Gun Charlie user reviews :

Definitely having a lot of fun with this game. Most mobile games usually isn’t my thing but I like how this one feels like fps shooter from the arcades. There aren’t too many ads and you can earn a fair amount of War Bonds by watching ads. There’s only a few game modes and the gameplay can feel repetitive. Overall really good game and a fun way to past the time.

Great game. Only gripe is that in the developers want of creating a great experience, the level of authenticity and interaction between the gamer and the game relative to the demand for data and space needed to deliver is far to taxing on my device as the screen begins to lock up and basically crash. I’m no computer genius it’s just my logical guess based on the increased volume of graphics on said level

Once any Mission is failed, player must then start over and go back to Wave 1. E.g., If you fail at Wave 8, then you must start over at Wave 1. Game therefore becomes boring by having to repeatedly play the same Waves. Would be better if players could continue from the highest Wave they are on. UNINSTALLING!

Great game even if simple graphics .don’t believe in paying for boosts as that leads to trouble . It’s a bore but I watch videos and you do come across a good game occasionally. I’m playing on a galaxy tablet and works great very addictive

A beautiful, no nonsense, no irritating purchases, hardly any in game ads. Looks simple, but it’s not!!! Beautiful models for the planes. One of the better games out here

Excellent, good targeting system, good color and detail. I am 60 yrs old. First Gen. Gamer. Haven’t played in years, great game to pull you pull you back. Thanks, keep up good work.

Excellent game for beginners like me, game speed settings availible, Just did the practice game and was BUSY!! Lots of stages, good graphics, nice tools to use

I love it . the graphics are so real like you step back in time to fight the war

Exciting and immersive… you earn your stripes as per your kills which makes your missions all the more worthwhile and exciting !

Excellent Game. Easy to learn and not intrusive ads when not needed. Good concept and game play.

Very fun to pass the time with. I feel like I’m back in world war II . I’m Not a big gamer and this game has skill levels for everyone

Enjoyed the action it gives. A little tough without the sighting on the oncoming planes.

Yes,good fun. I’m not into gaming, must be my age. But anyway, for some unknown reason, well actually, i was a bit high. I downloaded, and i really like it

Its a good game, little ads, some of the waves need to be looked at.they dont register hits..

Love this, engaging, addictive, realistic and NO ads!!!!

Very good game. Easy to use. Decent graphics

Play this game! Real arcade type with good graphics. Gets tough fast. Does not disappoint.

I have issues with these kinds of shooters. But this has worked out well. It’s pretty user friendly. I like it!

Excellent fun and easy to play,plus its Ad free which is welcome bonus.

Freakin awesome!!! Love the graphics! Fun game get a swivel chair!

I recomend this game because it is so fun and addictive plus it is offline so i can play anywhere

Addictive little game which has minimal adverts. Recommended

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