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[Game] Tales of Dragon – Fantasy RPG

Tales of DragonTales of Dragon is an MMORPG adventure set in a world of powerful dragons. Explore a vast map, team up with other players, and take on these mighty beasts to uncover ancient secrets. Will you become a legendary dragon slayer?

Team up for Epic Fantasy Adventures
Explore freely and share real-time combat experience with your friends. Join forces to battle monsters, challenge bosses, and deepen your bonds through various dungeons and fun activities.

Cute Pets as Loyal Companions
Embark on a fantasy adventure with your adorable and customizable pet by your side, exploring the magical lands together.

Romantic Weddings and Fairy Tale Promises
Find your true love and make a promise for eternity! Ride into the sunset on your mounts, fight together in dungeons, capture beautiful memories in photographs, and journey hand-in-hand to the end of the world.

Family Community and Warm Socializing
Participate in lively events such as music festivals, hot springs, and dance parties, and enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere of socializing with others.

Fashion Dress Up for Cute Love Adventures
Dress up in various styles such as academy, sailor, and Lolita, and customize your look with a unique Taiwan-exclusive mount fashion – pearl milk tea. Mix and match different parts of your outfit to show off your style, and set out on an adventure full of cute and lovely moments.

Tales of Dragon user reviews :

Tried the game out and seemed fun, but the first issue I had the game crashed on start-up. The 2nd attempt it crashed on the class selection screen. Said it had a bug, and I needed to clear the cache. 3rd attempt, it crashed as I started playing. Next issues, the game full auto’s, and it also a short 10-second timer that forces the quests/story and game to advance. With all these issues, the game is not worth playing. You can find better more stable ones out there for sure.

I have a few problems with it though it mostly with the controls and the way how it sometimes rushes you to a area and some times when you trying to control your character it wouldn’t let you move them and the game controlled them and then a few seconds or minutes later you finally can move. This is all that I have to say everything else is alright those the battling could be better but that just my opinion but this is all I’m going to say I still have more but is alright thats all!

At the start of the game, everything seems fine. I got my character to lvl 122, then the game crashes, and now I can’t even get back onto the game. Every time I try loading the game, it crashes and says that the game has a bug and to try and clear the cache before loading the game again. I know the devs will fix this bug but hopefully soon lol I’ll change my star rating once things gets fixed.

I really wanted to give it a try because it sounds like a cool game. However, it was borderline unplayable just within the first few minutes. I Even after clearing my cache and repairing the cloent, it would crash after every few seconds of gameplay. I couldn’t even make it past the tutorial.

I really like this game, especially because it has similarity to Ni No Kuni. Yet the movements are stiff and you cant follow the storyline due to the fast clicking so you basically skip it. The graphics and the soundtracks are very good tho, i like it. But I got a question, I pre-registered in this game and it said if you pre-register you get a reward: Limited Outfit. Yet I haven’t gotten anything. Was it a scam to just get pre-registrations or did something go wrong or do I need to do a quest?

It is a good game, beautiful music and graphics, but there are some problems, like the monsters are too easy and the pathfinder kinda ruins the game, also the game is kind of complicated with many menus, please try to make them a bit easier to understand.

Level 125 without reading a single line of text. Not sure what I was expecting but a full auto experience wasn’t it. Gfx are cute but expect the $hop to be thrust into your face at every turn. Fell asleep while playing…not good.

Nice graphics, potentially good game. For me it was just another full idle with 100 icons on screen, in a way you can bearly see your character. Oh, and most of those icons ask for your money..

Good game and it’s fun with cute Characters, Keep doing different task And move when we’re doing a task without finding it.

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