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BraveNine StoryAn extraordinary adventure story of the unstoppable mercenary group!
Brave Nine mercenaries are back in a new Visual Novel RPG, Brave Nine Story!

Why did this young noble man from a prestigious family become a runaway overnight?

A Story of No Ordinary Adventure of an Ordinary Mercenary Group!
A young man’s life fell apart due to his father’s rebellion.
He established a mercenary group to grant the dream of ‘work less, earn more’!
However, what awaited him were hard core tasks…

The Integration of a Novel and RPG! – A Battle with a Story, a Story with a Battle
Fill the page of your adventure with breathtaking battles and tactics.
Complete the story of the book as you play the game.
Enjoy the exciting story that you would never want to skip. Time flies! Watch out!

The Highly Acclaimed Turn Based Combat system!
Win or Lose by a single turn in this relentless turn based RPG!
The thrilling battle mechanics derived from the previous work, a masterpiece of turn based RPG!
Use your brain and beat the opponent out!

Sign a Contract with Mercenaries!
Don’t you worry about the probability. Just sign the contract and you’re done!
Encounter many different characters as you play and let them join your mercenary group!
Make a contract with your own favorite character and collect their hidden stories!

Collect Various Spin-off Stories of all Genres!
From a heart-fluttering love story to a thriller with twists and turns!
Collect a variety of Spin-off episodes by series regardless of genre!
A Visual Novel RPG more exciting than anime and more addictive than web novel!

The Hidden Story of Brave Nine Characters is Finally Revealed!
Enjoy the story with amazing illustrations and great storyline of a collectible RPG!
Immerse yourself in the fantasy Novel/RPG!
Check out the secrets of the characters hidden inside the pages!

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BraveNine Story user reviews :

There is no book telling you what various termanology means, and its mostly watered down from what you might be used to from the actual Brave Nine game. As other reviews have mentioned some of the hang time on menuing, especially in collecting rewards can be quite long.

Im a fan of regular brave nine. hoped this game learned from the original but in fact it takes the original mistakes and makes them even worse. Story is inane. Way too many story segments, little game play. What game play there is is not challenging or interesting at all. Hit auto deploy, hit start, now try to “enjoy” the next 10 chapters of worthless game or whatever . I’m pretty disappointed

  • Hello, this is BraveNine Story team. We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy the game as much as we had hoped. We’ll do our best to make improvements to the game to make it more entertaining. Please feel free to contact us via the in-game Customer Center to share your suggestions or complaints. Thank you.

Level difficulty is fine — please don’t nerf that’s the best part of the game. It isn’t too hard but it is still challenging. I hope there is a more detailed explanation of what each stat does. In addition, friends don’t do anything yet apart from giving friendship points, hopefully this will be improved soon too. Edit: bro why did you nerf your game can you please revert or make it harder elsewhere but at least bugs are gone.

  • Hello, this is BraveNine Story team. Thank you for your kind review! We’ll continue to work hard to make improvements to the game to provide a great gaming experience. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or feedback that you’d like to share with us, please use the in-game Customer Center from the options menu to let us know! Thank you.

It’s a fun twist on the old Brave Nine game. Although harder, the units are more equally balanced, which is cool. There are a few things preventing me from giving it 5 stars: 1. Critical: you need sweep passes to farm levels and you don’t get nearly enough of them. 2. The farming stages are too difficult and prevent growth / cause bottleneck because you can’t beat the levels needed to get some upgrades. 3. There is minimal social interactions and the chat is useless.

  • Hello, this is BraveNine Story team. Thank you for the review. We will do our best to improve the game further. You can also contact us via the in-game Customer Center to share your suggestions. Thank you.

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