Talking Ginger – Enjoy your time with the little kitten

[Game] Talking Ginger

Talking Ginger  Little Talking Ginger needs your help!

Help him get ready for bed and have fun along the way!

Ginger provides the best company – talk to him, tickle him and play games with him. You can even see what he’s dreaming about at night!

Enjoy your time with the little kitten, record videos of your fun time together and share them online!


Have fun with Ginger: Pet him, poke him, tickle him and hear his cute laugh.
Talk to Ginger: Talk to the little cat and he’ll repeat in his cute voice.
Get Ginger ready for bed: Shower and blow dry his fluffy fur, brush his teeth and take him to use the potty.
Play games with Ginger: Pop toothpaste bubbles, roll down the toilet paper and play the jigsaw puzzle game.
Collect jigsaw puzzle images: Collect all the snapshots of Ginger’s vivid dreams.
Brush teeth with Ginger: Don’t brush your teeth alone, brush them with Ginger.
Record videos and share: Record videos of all the fun things Ginger does to send to your friends, or upload on Facebook and YouTube.

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Talking Ginger user reviews :

This app is very good! But I don’t understand why people say that there is a stalker in his eyes. I played this game from when I was really young and I didn’t got kidnapped or whatever, and even the creators said that it’s safe.

Hi. The app is very interesting for the little ones, but I gave you only 3 stars because Ginger doesn’t say sorry after he burps and farts. Our kids should learn from Ginger how to properly behave.

In my opinion this is the best well one of them I love love love the puzzles I gave five stars because I love this game forever and beyond except… THERE WAS A MAN IN GINGERS EYES it reminds me of a kidnapper and kinda threw me off I went into lunatic mode when I saw it fearless people play this game… if you are fearless like me whoever is reading comment don’t be scared cause it’s just a game

I really wish people would shut up about seeing a man in there eyes, I have had this game when I was much younger and I’m not kidnapped or dead, I kind of understand people being scared of the eyes but I think there Cool!

Don’t you see it’s made by the person that made the creepy talking Angela it looked realistic and it’s teaching kid to be freaking Rollin a tolit paper roll this games bro there is no point of freaking playing this game AND YES THERE IS A MAN STILL STOKING THESE poor children . And I remember hearing freaking scary breathing as a child and u remember that a little girl went missing cuz of taking Angela on the news and it said that talking Angela and talking ginger were stalking you when of app

I really love this game because of the toothbrush activity, it actually helps me brush my teeth and I think it’s fun to brush my teeth so this really helps, love it!

This game is a classic! I love this game, especially when I use the blow dryer! But I rated it 3 stars for a reason. If you look closely in his eyes, a reflection of MY ENTIRE LIVING ROOM!!!! MY WINDOW IS CRISTAL CLEAR! I have no idea why, but yes, I looks like my window! Some times I get the chills playing this game! And if I go some where else besides my living room, it looks the SAME!

I like this game because it’s so funny that you tickile ginger’s feet that he laughs at me and repeats what I say and you brush his teeth by pushing on the toothbrush timer button and you push the jigsaw button to put pictures back together and yo dry his hair!

I think it’s perfect don’t matter eny wow those no like this app I think is a good thing l love this app thanks for the good thing outfit7 talking Tom and friends

If u guys didn’t know why there’s a man in his eyes, that’s because it’s the player. Pretty much logical:V but if ur scared to let her kid play this it’s ur choice anyway

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