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TamTamTamTam is a simple but powerful Messenger available on any platform.

Whatever communication you like; texting, voice or video calls, Tam Tam Messenger will keep you connected even when there’s a slow Internet connection. We have created thousands of fun stickers to help you share your emotions, and if you are not in the mood to chat; we have channels too!

Here are some cool reasons to try Tam Tam Messenger:
CHATS: add friends, family or colleagues into group chats. You can do it either privately or publicly, it’s up to you.
STICKERS: sometimes words are just not enough; our designers have created thousands of cool stickers, including fun animated ones.
FREE CALLS: TamTam Messenger is more than just texting. Start video & audio calls with your friends for FREE!
SECURITY: All messages in Tam Tam are encrypted and stored in distributed network of servers. We have designed our own protocol to transmit any private data, while also using well-known protection algorithms, like TLS cryptographic protocol.
CHANNELS: find and read channels that share your interests or start your own.
WEB-VERSION & PC CLIENT: Even if your smartphone is unavailable, Tam Tam Messenger is accessible through a dedicated PC client or a web browser on any operating system
NO PASSWORD NEEDED: All you need to start chatting is your phone number, easy-peasy.
OFFLINE ACCESS: No Internet connection? You can still read chat history and watch media files. Messages not sent during an outage will be queued and sent once a connection is restored
FREE AND NO ADS: Tam Tam Messenger is free. Yep, this is how we do it.

More coming soon! We are cooking some great new features for you right now, use Tam Tam Messenger and stay tuned.

TamTam user reviews :

Great app, but it needs to be easier to add friends. Overall, I love that you can edit messages after you sent them and that you can delete messages after you sent them. I haven’t found a single other messaging app that can do those two things. So, for that reason it is my favorite messaging app.

  • Hello, Gillian! Thank you for your feedback. You can delete or edit messages within 48 hours after sending it. feel free to contact tt.me/support for more questions, we’ll be happy to help. BR

Video call picture in picture mode not working… If we chat during video call, the other person in call can’t see our video… This needs to be fixed! And also can’t receive notifications sometimes when we left or close the application… It’s showing updates and messages only if we’re opening the app sometimes…!

  • Hello! We suggest you check notification settings in our app and on your device. And please ping our support team on team[at]tamtam.chat or tt.me/support so we can gather more information about the issue with calls and help you.

Hello! I really like this app but…i have a suggestion, of course it’s only a suggestion how about adding an option for chat heads? You know kinda like the chat heads on messenger? Cause me and my friend plays games and its kinda hard texting when we’re playing games, Again it’s only a suggestion so you don’t have to do this, I love it! And it’s really great! I like how you can change the backgrounds and an option if you wanna use emoji’s using your keyboard!

  • Hello and thank you for your suggestion! We’ll definitely discuss this idea with our team and, hopefully, we’ll be able to add this feature in the future.

Hello, I like the design of the apps overall. However, my digi network ain’t working good. Only wifi can save it a little. I use it for business purposes so you need to be fast. But it keeps connection error. Please fix this

  • Hello! Please, contact us at team@tamtam.chat or tt.me/support we’ll do our best to help. Kate, TamTam support team
Hi Is tom tom safe for sending message?I mean is it looks like telegram? Thanks
  • Odnoklassniki Ltd
  • Hello! All messages in Tam Tam are encrypted and stored in distributed network of servers. We have designed our own protocol to transmit any private data, while also using well-known protection algorithms, like TLS cryptographic protocol. BR, Tam Tam team

Better than any other social site even Facebook Instagram Whatsapp and Twitter are nothing in front of this

It’s better to partition the stickers like line app or telegram app. And it would be great if we could make our own stickers.
  • Odnoklassniki Ltd
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We’ve noticed your ideas about stickers. We can also download your stickers, you can send it to us on tt.me/support, we’ll give you technical requirements for it. BR, Tam Tam team

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