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[Game] Tank Battle Royale

Tank Battle Royale  Ever played an online tank battle royale game before?

Well now get ready for a confined battle zone that keeps shrinking! Pick your spawn point, collect tanks and win your opponents in hardcore PvP island battles! But don’t forget about the Zone: it deals major damage, so try and always stay within the white circle.

Why you’ll love Tank Battle Royale:

Battle royale with a shrinking zone: be the last tank standing in this twist on classic gameplay!

Lots of different tanks to collect. First you start with just one, but you unlock more as you level up. Some can also be purchased for in-game currency. You might see new tanks on the battlefield, but you’ll have to unlock and earn them first!

Tank rentals
Don’t know which tank to buy next? Take your favorite out for a test drive and play a whole game free.

Upgrade your tank stats, and show off your strategic and tactical skills using different abilities.

Rank system where the better you play, the higher your level and better your opponents. Sharpen your skills and work your way up.

Reach the highest rank in a season and earn bonus rewards. Each season lasts about 60 days.

Map bonuses
Bonuses are strewn randomly throughout the map! Repair your tank, find parts to upgrade tank stats, and the rarest bonus of all: a new upgraded tank!

Use keys to open cases, and get several cases every day for free.
Cases might contain new tanks, upgrades, or test drive tickets. You’re bound to get lucky! Play every day and get daily bonuses!

Remember that the game is currently in post-production, so please leave feedback and let us know what you want to see.
The game requires a stable internet connection. Download it now absolutely free, but keep in mind that certain in-game elements are also available for purchase.


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Tank Battle Royale user reviews :

It’s okay I guess. Not sure what I thought it was supposed to be.. The battle field is way to small all the time, we have tanks not nice, not sure how they match people but being a level 4, 5, 6, and getting blow up everytime with in 1 min of game start sure not fun) if you had lots of money to upgrade right away it would make the game more fun. This one is just not for me……

Glitchy and offline game. Id you like playing with bots, paying to win as you have to own the tanks before you can use it, circle that never ends no timer to end the game and even battling yourself as an AI/bot.. this is the game for you!

over all this games graphics are great! You did something no other tank game did, thats adding my favorite artillery tank 2S7 pion however i cant do a match to play on the tank i need a little help finding one.

Terrible I can hardly turn the while moving and I somehow get stuck on an object even though I’m not touching it not to mention the horribly low damage output I can hardly kill anyone at all even with a damage boost

Best tank battle game but there is little be problem in sometime non of the opposition player are in game. Some of improvement is required.

The game is ok , but I had 1 war . And made it to the safe zone in the middle . But didnt find how to end the game even tho I was only person left playing . It needs updates to fix this issue .

When I would be kill I would not come back in mach instead it send me into the menu but it’s ok because I have played plenty of games like this and it’s graphics are literally very,very good

Great Tanker game, could use more maps. Again, still very fun to play.

Okay but need to be more improvise well it’s way better than garena fire and your last version of war of tanks but that’s not it add more features like multiple player is okay but add PvP too

Hi Victoria thank a lot of time to get for you to the same in VB gu I am not sure if you have any questions or concerns please visit the plug-in settings in the future of our games are based on the phone with me and I will be in VB gu I am not sure if you

game has potential… just needs needs works whit controls and moving your tank around

keep making thisbgame good and bigger map with more players and custom touch layout

Great game. Fun for hours. Lots of great competitors.

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