Tankr io – Defeat all of your competitors on the map

[Game] Tankr io

Tankr ioTankr io is an all new tank shooting and surviving game.

The goal of this game is to defeat all of your competitors on the map and fight to the last one. Then you’ll survive and win! Battle against the cunning enemies now!

If you are a tank lover and looking for the stress reliever, tankr.io is waiting for you! Try and enjoy the unique tank battle game!

How to play?
Control your tank to move around by virtual control lever when your finger touches the screen.
Fire and shoot your opponents when they show up and come close. Your tank will aim at your competitors automatically.
Skillfully make the best use of the terrain and grass to attack
Survive longer with many props and supplies appeared on the ground
The more opponents you kill, the higher your ranking!
Remember to upgrade your tank and make it more powerful.

Game Features:
Real-time tank battle gameplay with simple & easy control
Auto-targeting with just one click
Variety of props assist you to fight!
Highly optimized graphics and sounds
3D role and scene, gorgeous combat visual effects
Cool skins and tanks for your choice. Make your own one!

Download Tankr.io and enjoy the battle now! Have fun!

Tankr io user reviews :

Game is best but the add are coming in every match try to improve this problem thanks

Few issues with the game! But finally a great game! I’ve been follow Tankr.io since the browsers version. Excited to play the App. The game play is outstanding. Fun, easy to learn! I imagine still early stage for the app. Spamy ads and they’re still working out their pay features. Unique feature – “Battle offline feature”. This could end up good or bad. I’d recommend going easy on the ads to build traction with users. Also, ensure that people are not just playing with bots. Future top 100 ap

I love the game, I just think you should add things like multiplayer, ranks, or a battle Royale. It would reallyimprove the game and it’d be a little more popular

Very very nice game

Another tanks game with shxt controls. How hard can it be? Auto-aim is a terrible idea when it can’t be interrupted. You find yourself unable to react to the most important threats because your gun is trained on someone retreating away from you while some heavily armed and armoured obvious pay-to-winner is paying to win your ass to the ‘Restart’ button. That’s of course if this game is even multiplayer. Can’t be too sure of any something.io games now. Uninstalled. Not worth a download recommendation – the average review summary is highly over-rated and exaggerated.
  • hotgamesJuly 27, 2018
  • thanks for playing tankr.io.We will strengthen the Manual-aim in the later versions, so stay tuned

Great game… Missing a multi player…

I actually loved the game, however I’m having trouble removing the ads. I’ve paid for the removal which hasn’t happened so far. Please help fix it or refund me. I’ll change stars to five after being heard.
  • hotgamesJuly 26, 2018
  • Thanks for playing tankr.io!!!This payment only removes interstitial ads.So you will still watch video ads during the resurrection.

Last Update March 11, 2019 :

Bugs fixed!
Thanks for playing!

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