Tap on Time – Can you unlock pink ball

[Game] Tap on Time

Tap on TimeTap the loop at the right moment.

Compete against your friends and show off your reflexes!

Can you unlock pink ball?

Tap on Time user reviews :

this game is 90% ads and 10% gameplay, not even exaggerating. there’s an ad everytime you lose or win a level. it’s actually ridiculous, it’s fun and I like the idea of the game but it’s gotten to the point where its actually unplayable. don’t get rid of the ads but you should probably reduce them atleast since they are super annoying.

It’s good and all but it’s got so many ads it’s like u play a game then ad u play again and add etc if u make it so u can choose to watch an ad to gain extra rewards and make the regular one after every game its not like an ad and it takes more rounds then an ad like 15 matches then ad or something like that is more better

This game is good to learn time because you can tap on the grey bit and that’s how you can learn the time so it’s a good game for little kids to play and the age limit I would say is 3-9 I would say but it might not be right but if you need ho now it might not be right I’m just guessing the age it might be between so I’m probley wrong so don’t blame me! HAHA.

everytime I am done with a round I get an ad. but overall this is a good game. The only thing to make it better is less ads.

I’m usually fine with a ads but there was way to many ads everytime I played it ads after ads after ads,also why even bother to put “no thanks” if you just make us watch a ad anyways?It’s quite annoying how many ads there was.

I like this game but it’s too many ads I can play without watching one ads after I finish the or lose there’s ads again I really don’t like a game that has thousands of ads

it’s very fun other than the faculty that there is an add after EVERY SINGLE TIME THAT YOU DIE its very annoying but overall it’s a fun game and I would recommend to a friend

This is a straight forward game and though I like this about this but it is a double edged sword don’t download it coz to many ads and if u turn off your internet it tells u to buy subscription or turn the internet back on

I just started the game but although it’s a good game TECHNICALLY it goes WAY TOO FAST. Even for beginners.

I don’t usually mind ads… but this game has WAY too many. I’ve never seen a game with this many ads. The levels are fairly short, since it’s a simple speed game, but there’s an ad in between EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL. I couldn’t handle it, I uninstalled it. And this sucks because I liked the game itself a lot, so if there’s a version without ads, I’d get that.

It is a fun game to play but what I need wifi to play it or buy remove all ads.

It’s a good game and it keeps me distracted for hours. good for long roadtrips

It’s fun but even if you die in 2 seconds you get an ad right after every time. Also it’s an offline game that requires internet, I can’t even play it to pass the time when I’m out of signal because the devs are greedy. I’d rate it 5 star because it’s a good game but the ads take all the fun away as they are constant.

This game is fun but like every single second there are ads i watch ads more then I play this game

I really like this game and this game is so cool and I like the blocks that you have to touch the black and you get a lot of scores

I love this game it is addictive, it is a bit hard but I still give it a 5 out of 5 bc I’m not gonna be a saw loser

It’s enjoyable enough but the gem reward system is waaaay off. After 1 10s game I could buy all the purchasable items…………………. I also saw people complaining about the amount of ads and the game doesn’t work offline, which is untrue. The game detects if you are connected. If you can get the “connected without internet” status you are counted as online. It’s naturally not super easy to do that so I recommend NetGuard for mobile games (not an ad) basicly disable wifi access with it.

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