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[Game] Last War Survival

Last War SurvivalThe zombie apocalypse has swept through cities like a plague, turning innocent people into mindless monsters bent on destruction and death. As a survivor, your ultimate goal is to stay human and stay alive.

Build Up Walls to Keep Yourself Safe
To survive this apocalyptic battleground, you must build sturdy walls and fortify them with powerful weapons to protect yourself from the zombies that roam outside the borders of your shelter.

Upgrade Weapons to Thwart the Zombie Tidal Wave
As time passes, it becomes evident that in order to endure the dark times, you must upgrade your weapons to swiftly and efficiently take down hordes of zombies.

Select a Job and Battle Your Way to Victory
Choose a job that suits you best in order to defeat the undead. This will provide you with various supplies and resources that will be essential in the final days.

Build a Team of Trustworthy Allies
Find a small group of people whom you can trust because you never know when you’ll need someone to watch your back against the relentless undead, particularly when facing formidable foes like the Zombie Boss!

Think you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? It’s just the right time to show the zombies how strong and smart humans can really be!

Last War Survival user reviews :

Updates are getting better, especially with not affecting completed progress of the base. Good, non-thinking game to pass the time. Harder levels require more time, tempting to not dish out cash to progress. What I like the most is I don’t have to pay to still play.

In the beginning it’s fun and no real purchase is required. But after you reach level 10 or 11 that’s when the purchases must-start. It is next to impossible to reach level 15 without buying. The developers are embedded in certain alliances, and make it very hard for you to get ahead. For as soon as you get ahead the huge which is bigger than anything on the entire world, will come and wipe you out. There is no way to share resources with your teammates. Huge pay-to-win.

The game is enjoyable to play in the beginning. But after I have leveled up my HQ, the upgrade cost for heroes is so high and its hard to pass in the zombie story due to low power of heroes. Can you include in the event a prize of a higher hero exp so we can upgrade our heroes. Thank you so much! More power!

  • Thank you for your feedback. We will add more features to gain hero exp.

I thought I would have loved this game. Til I played it. There’s virtually no control of the troops. Except side to side which is pointless. Cause they move so fast no way to slow them down so they go headlong right a fight. They get killed nearly in 2 seconds

Another falsely advertised game. It gives you a few stages of scrolling and upgrading, but otherwise the gameplay is really bare bones, bigger number, auto scroller that leaves you just tapping things to upgrade your base and get gems for a really poor gacha system. Honestly? It’s a mid game and would get 3* if it wasn’t for the false advertising and AI voices. If generic base builder/upgraders on a pre determined path is your jam, have at it. Otherwise, save your time and report last ads

Gameplay was alright, but you can’t open the game unless you have an internet connection. Other than ads, there’s no reason for this to need a constant connection, unless there’s something dodgy going on in the background. Give it off-line playability and I’ll update from 1 star.

  • Thank you for your feedback,I’m sorry it didn’t make you happy, but we take the player experience very seriously. We are making more interesting content, hoping that players will have a better game experience.

It is an ok game which brings some fun. But it is difficult to understand the system. One simple example is that hard to understand the hero class and what is good/bad for different enemies.

Hi devs, I am enjoying your game and I have a problem with plot 79. I killed the 3 boomers and get past plot 79 but when I click the back to base pop up menu I can see that I am still at plot 79 and did not pass thru it. This is really frustrating on my part. I think this is a bug ingame. Please take closer on this. IGN: JM Marketing

Game is cool but sometimes boring if you are already out of coins. You will need to upgrade your heroes to beat the bosses and by upgrade means you have to wait and collect for resources

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