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[Game] TapTap Match

TapTap Match  TapTap Match is an onnect 3D pair matching puzzle where you need to match pairs with identical tiles. Your task is so simple – find identical tiles and connect them together with three lines max. Try to solve each pair matching puzzle before your time runs out!

How to play TapTap Match – Onnect 3D Pair Matching Puzzle:
Tap to select a tile. Then find a similar tile to connect them together. Try to imagine a future path between these tiles. The pair matching puzzle allows to draw three lines maximum connected at a 90° angle. Can you onnect tiles like that? If yes, go and tap for the second time. Remember, the longer the path – more bonuses you’ll get in this pair matching puzzle game. Use your brain and logic!

Enjoy the relaxing pair matching puzzle and train your focus and memory. Explore different challenging pair matching puzzle modes: Bomb and Sliding. Bomb is a very intresting matching puzzle mode: certain tiles are blocked and very explosive, so keep your eyes open! In the Sliding mode, each row slides aside as you crush a pair of tiles.

Why you’ll love TapTap Match – Onnect 3D Pair Matching Puzzle:

Colorful collections of tiles depicting sweets, fruits & other cute things!
1,000+ pair matching puzzle levels
Challenging extra modes making pair matching even more interesting
Various hints
Puzzle game progress saving

TapTap Match – Onnect 3D Pair Matching Puzzle is not only the time-killing game, but also helps to improve your focus and memory while playing addictive pair matching puzzle game.

So, what are you waiting for? Download TapTap Match and enjoy this simple & cool pair-matching puzzle to relax and rack your brain!


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TapTap Match user reviews :

This app was great for a year or more. I enjoyed it very much. However the past couple of weeks it hangs up, midgame. I have powered down, back up, my phone. Then when it didn’t fix it, I uninstalled the app, then reinstalled it. It still hangs up.

I like the speed of this game. But how do I turn off the automatic hints? They’re ruining it.

I really like this game. HoWever the fact ads break into the middle of your games is ridiculous. WAYYYY too many ads. And your game will not allow you to reshuffle without watching another add is ridiculous. Lots of other games do allow reshuffle, at least a few times without buying anything or watching another ad. I think people would enjoy your game much more if you make a few changes. If not then I will delete.
  • Hello there! We are working on new content and improvements and hope you enjoy the game in the future :) Thank you very much for giving us the feedback. It helps a lot! Stay tuned for updates.
I like the game, especially that so far I never had a time limit, and the roles aren’t so bright as in order games. What annoys me, is it says “offline” in the tags, but if you want to play offline you get an error. Also if you click “remove ads” you go straight to a Google notification “agree to the contract”. But you can’t see said contract. The price, is it a subscription, a one off? Does it just remove ads, or also allow choosing favourite game modes? Who knows…
  • Hi! Our team is trying to provide a quality product and we’re glad you like the game. We will try to solve your issue in the shortest time possible. If you have any suggestions for improving our app, send them to info[at]aigames.ae. Thank you!
The ads interrupting play are maddening. Stop! The feature I like most though is being able to do multiple matches before the board resets. This allows faster play and makes a great game. I haven’t found another match game that is this way. I’ve looked though, because of the ads in the middle of play!
  • Hello! We understand how ads can be really annoying sometimes but we did our best to minimize them as much as possible for your comfort! Ads are what allows us to keep growing & improving the game so we thank you for patience and understanding!
This was my absolute favorite game to play until I updated and it keeps freezing during game. I really to not want to uninstall cause I’m at level 5347. None the the other games I have do not freeze at all. Could you please let me know if there is something I could do to fix problem.
  • Hey! We will consider your suggestion the next time we’ll work on updates. Thank you for finding out time and writing us. Stay tuned!
I enjoy the game but as described by other players of the problems but the Developers didnt fix it as they promise ,may consider to uninstall if no changes made.
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We are happy that you gave our game a chance :) We are doing our best to improve our game, so if you have any suggestions, please, contact us info[at]aigames.ae.

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