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Brownies  Brownies is a time management game about a family that ends up in a magical land.

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Mom’s life is in turmoil – first the granny goes missing, then mom finds herself in a magical land and the newly befriended brownie begs her to help find the missing ruler of the Brownies’ kingdom.

Embark on a journey to Brownieland, where the adventure, construction and noble friends await, as well as your most merciless enemy – time.

A captivating story for kids and parents who love fairy tales!

A whimsical tale spanning 10 chapters will show the importance of family, friendship and helping those in need.
50 puzzling levels in a genre of managing time – that require meticulous strategy.
3 pests consist of a raccoon, a spider and a crow; adding an element of randomness to the gameplay.
4 resources to manage with: food, stone, wood and gold.
Hand painted backgrounds, in which houses’ rooms intertwine with the magic land – waterfalls in the kitchen, sorcerer’s tower in the study, and underground caverns in the garage.
Architects needed! Brownieland is in ruins! Repair the roads, restore the statue of the first king and rebuild the milk factory.
Brownie spells at your service – speed up your characters, boost the resource extraction and command time.

Brownies user reviews :

Wonderful game …. reached level 9-1… having problem in moving forward because l’m getting very few ads hence few beads… It’s nearly 2 months since l ‘ve being the same level but have not got a single ad

Unity ads don’t work, and since that’s 99% of what you have, it makes it impossible to win the game without buying beads. Fix the ads.

I like the game but the only thing I hate it’s not enough time to finish some of the levels

we are old friends… my daughter discovered it on her own & fell in love, me-65 her-45 lol its nice to come back to…often, thank you devs ! UPDATE: been gone awhile ? update ? has ruined a great game-greedier than ever, cheating programming, used 64 beads (4helpers) & lost level !? 4SHAME

It is a great game but once you have bought the game and have finished all the levels it asks you to buy the rest of the levels even though you have already paid that’s why I have given it a 4 star

I am enjoying it so far. Love the storyline and the detail!

Love this game…very addicting wish there was a part 2

Dont waste your time on this, unless you like being rushed, replaying the same boards, and waiting on your energy to refill. Of course, it you have the money to hand over, you can avoid all that, which is what the developers hope you will do. I am deleting and finding a game not dependant on energy, that I can play as long as I like, without being rushed.
  • Sugar Games
  • Hello Donna. Thank you for the review. Our game combines luck, skill and tactics. Some levels can be difficult, but we would like to assure you that they can be completed without using additional bonuses. Also you can watch add to get extra energy.

The gameplay is great. But not for a small screen. My phone’s pretty big but still the map was cramed on so small I couldn’t make anything out. Energy takes too long and if I truly wanted to keep playing, I’d have to buy the full verison. I also had a graphics glitch so my roads didn’t show up. But I didn’t figure that out until after I wasted all my energy. If I was on a bigger screen and the glitch was fixed, I might consider it. But I’m not buying a game that is so tiny it makes my eyes hurt.

It’s a very good game. I have played it before, I installed it again today but realized the past progress is lost. Also, whenever I pressed that add button to get the orange beads, the game would crash. That annoyed me which is why 3 stars. If you guys would bring that option I will instantly make it 5 stars. Looking forward to your part 2! Update: Now the game won’t start at all! Crashing when the play button is pressed! Uninstalling.
  • Sugar Games
  • Hello Arushi. Thank you for the review. We are so sorry that you have problems with our game. A problem with crashes is possible on some devices. Also we will check your other problems. Believe we are doing our best to fix it and make the game better.

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