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[Game] Fashion AR – Style & Makeover

Fashion ARBecome an iconic fashion stylist!

Dress up and style your model using thousands of items, then capture the best look in full 3D photoshoots! Hit the store and go shopping and complete all of the exclusive luxury clothing collections

A diverse choice of models from around the world, each with their own unique styles and studio presence. Manage and upgrade your models to earn exclusive makeup, nails, poses, hairstyles and more!

Makeup? Check! Nails? Done! Hair? Perfect! Put your styling and dressup game to the test, every photoshoot will put your makeover skills to the test and be voted on by both friends and rival stylists. Make sure you’re prepared for a fashion battle!

Level up your fashion game! Compete and vote against other players in competitions and battle for your place on the global leaderboards! Will you become a styling superstar?

Become an international fashion super stylist and enter live events where you travel to new locations, go to fashion shows and boost your wardrobe to new heights by earning limited edition special dress up collections! Come back each week for a new world tour episode and live the fantasy.

Give your models an outfit makeover with DIY customisable clothes and accessories to design, create and show off your own signature style!

Become an influencer! Join social groups and chat with friends, share and vote on photos to help one another achieve your goals! Get advice from your friends and share your best makeover ideas to help improve your group score on the leaderboard!

Go AR! Use your phone camera and bring your dress-up outfits to life with augmented reality. Become a fashion photographer and capture your best styles everywhere you go, the real world is your fashion show catwalk.

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Requires Oreo (8.0) or newer operating system.
Compatible with phones that run Oreo (8.0) or newer
Must have a minimum of 3GB Ram to run.
Compatibility information may be changed at any time.
Information current as of: 31/01/2024.
This game requires an internet connection (WiFi or 4G) to play.

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Fashion AR user reviews :

Amazing game. Beautiful design. Easy to understand. Even easier to get addicted incredibly realistic looking models. I love having the ability to customise clothing and create unique looks. Goals and challenges are relatively achievable without having to actually pay. Re-enter challenges to get more hearts and coins to pay for the clothing collections. Appropriate gameplay for all ages

Edit: I initially rated this 4 stars, but I had to lower my rating. It’s a cool game; you just charge WAY TOO MUCH. You’re prices are ridiculous. This is a game, I don’t get to physically obtain any of it. I’ve grinded my way through the game, managing to only pay once or twice. Now I’m at a level that I can’t pass because you want me to spend 6,000+ pearls for one customer item. Stupid. — I really enjoy this game, but the rewards are too small and the collections too expensive.

For the amount of time I’ve been playing it, it’s really an amazingly fun game! But like all great things, it has its faults. 1 there is no back button between the photoshoot & wardrobe. So, if you were to accidentally hit the photoshoot button without finishing your outfit, then you are completely out of luck. 2 The challenges only allow you to choose pictures/outfits that you already made, so unless you have something that fits the description, then you won’t win that challenge. Its expensive.

This could be a perfect game apart from…my challenges are often up against someone who is 15 or 16 levels higher! I wrote and asked for help with a ticket I made a mistake with but didn’t get a reply. Being left handed can be a problem as you can accidentally press the submit button (on lower left side) It’s almost impossible to collect diamonds and model icons. It should be a little easier to achieve them. You have options to purchase diamonds, etc. but it’s too expensive.

I like this game. It’s mindless fun and can bring out your creative side. It’s absolutely ridiculous to have to spend $15-$25 on clothes or you get to a point where you can’t play unless you spend money to bypass requirements. Either way, you’re spending a ridiculous amount of real money. Leveling up models is tough. Pay in icons to level up, then pay more to get the moves/hair/clothes for that model. Eventually, It costs 10+ icons just to level one model up. Be more cost efficient please.

  • Hi, our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us at support[at] or via the in-game support to get some tips to progress. Thanks Team FortuneFish x

I love this game, I’ve been playing daily for about 9 months. The longer you play, the more clothes, hair styles, make up etc you can access, which keeps it interesting and gives you something to work for. That being said, I wish it didn’t take quite SO long to gather icons – I spend money on the game, and regularly win top looks, and yet it can still take weeks to get enough icons to clear just one level up. If that aspect could be fine-tuned, I would absolutely give 5 stars!

I really liked this game but before one even reaches level 10, there’s no way you can make enough money to buy the next fashion line, therefore requiring a purchase of way more real money than I’m ever willing to pay for a game. The creators might be better served using advertising and maybe requiring to watch one ad in exchange for clothes. I’ve used other apps like that, and as long as it’s a reasonable amount of ads, it doesn’t bother me.

Awesome game, very addictive. If you love fashion, photography, clothes, and or modeling this is the game for you!! My only negative is that you end up having to pay cash to pass certain levels or to obtain the collection you need to pass the level.

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