Technopoly – Become the ultimate business manager

[Game] Technopoly – Industrial Empire

Technopoly  Hi Boss! Are your ready to become the industrial and construction management tycoon?

Are you ready to become the ultimate business manager? How about putting your construction management skills to use with this factory building manager? Spend your time looking after your very own industrial area and make money from the proceedings. In this building simulator, you must look after the industrial building establishments and be patient enough to make money and collect it on the correct time.
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Impress With Your business Manager Skills
Are you ready to impress others with your factory building management skills? Develop a diverse range of industrial area management skills in this immersive building simulator and use different tools to look after the factory building. Technopoly – Industrial Empire Idle Tycoon is an idle strategy game where you will tap tap to:
Manage resources mining processes
Manage factories in the heavy industry sector
Invent and develop new technologies
Upgrade your factories, laboratories, manufactures and mines
Develop new methods of resources manufacture
Assemble the manufactured parts and create your own electric car.

Produce, Tap tap and Make Money!
Discover your inner production manager!
Build and manage your own industrial area empire! Handle mines, control manufacturing processes, make money and upgrade technologies. Become a billionaire construction management tycoon with idle progress!
Create organized production and assembly process with a perfect flow in this industrial city building simulation.

Be a Wealthy Industrial City Building Tycoon
Become rich as you build well optimized production and assembly line ever in the industrial city building game! The plan is simple: Mine resources and invent new technologies. Start with the Wind Turbine and create energy. Use energy to get water. Use Water to grow food. The process is almost endless, get advanced machines to craft and create more complex resources.

Explore, Upgrade and Have Fun!
With this idle building manager, you get to explore numerous possibilities of expanding your factory building management empire. Use your impressive strategic business manager to jump from one industrial area to the next one, establish new industrial city building or upgrade the old factory building. Maintain the proper flow of tech trees, plant new amenities and ensure that all resources of your factory building are in order so you can continue to make money from factory building management.

Amazing features of Technopoly – Industrial Empire Idle Clicker Tycoon
Intuitive construction management gameplay with idle and strategy building simulator game mechanics
Over 20 different technologies to develop in industrial city building – from Energy and Water to Electric Car
Many exciting quests to complete in the ultimate business manager game!
Offline idle game – no internet connection needed to play the factory building simulator!
Become a pro at construction management – take full control of your business!
Smooth tap tap game play to progress in this exciting game

Join industrial revolution and become a tycoon of all industries: from the mining industry, through the manufacturing industry to the assembly industry.

Download and play Technopoly – Industrial Empire Idle Clicker Tycoon today!

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Technopoly user reviews :

A fun idle game with a fair amount to explore and experiment with. One complaint I have is that I can’t buy away the ads. This is actually one of the games I’d be interested in giving some money to, but I don’t want any of the boosts offered in the store nearly as much as getting rid of ads.

Love the game! best time passer I e downloaded in a while. gameplay is great, good solid objectives to keep your focus on, and amazing graphics design. Keep up the good work everyone! BTW, I received no benefits for making this review. I feel that a good review for a solid game is a great trade-off.

No pay wall. Upgrade islands via the island icon ftw. Fun little builder. The play style and graphics aren’t the most outstanding but still fun! I’d give 5 stars if the guide was slightly more robust. Otherwise nothing bad to say!

i enjoy this idle game. lots of chances to do things w out ads and purchasing anything. of course there are options to buy but they arent obnoxious. like if i wanna spend money or have money to spend i can, if not its not thrown in my face every 30 seconds. gameplay itself is chill and fun

Good game with awesome ambiant music. One bug : I exit the game after opening in without clicking on anything I lose my offline rewards. One anoying thing : the microprossesor factory name is so long that the amount of them on my islands is hidden.

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