Ten Pair – Cross out the pairs of the same numbers

[Game] Ten Pair

Ten PairA TOP number puzzle game – Ten Pair is coming back!

Ten Pair is a challenging number puzzle game. Millions of people all over the world are in love with It. If you like Sudoku, Nonogram, Griddlers, crossword puzzles or any other number games, this game is perfect for you. You can play this mobile versions anytime, anywhere, and it is all FREE! Many players of Ten Pair say playing this game lets them relax especially after a work day, solving a puzzle everyday helps their with logic and maths skills training

We offer 3 modes in it, you won‘t stop playing this super addictive and relaxing puzzle game now. Are you ready to relax your mind and complete the free Ten Pair? Download and enjoy it now! : )

Cross out the pairs of the same numbers (4-4, 2-2, 9-9 etc) or those which add up to 10 (4-6, 3-7,5-5 etc). Two numbers can be removed by tapping on them one by one.- The pairs must be located side by side, you can tap them vertically, horizontally. If one number stands on the last cell in the line and another stands on the first cell in the following line, they also can be removed. (There can be empty cells between the 2 numbers)- The goal is to cross out all the numbers and clear the board.- When there are no matches on the board, you can tap the ADD button to drop the new numbers on the puzzle pages.

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Ten Pair user reviews :

What happened to the game? It started lagging so bad that I had to reinstall it (which was a hard decision because I had 100’s of swaps and hints stored up). But now that I’ve reinstalled it, only diagonal mode displays. Survival and classic modes are gone. It isn’t keeping track of stats. I’ve tried playing through a few times to see if it eventually goes back to what it was after I get to a certain level, but nothing.

Ads every I mean every single time you hit the add more button. Annoying very very annoying. It could be every other time or every three times. But seriously everytime? I know you have to have ads & im okay with that but not excessively throwing ads at me. Also would be better game play if you were able to match diagonally. If those two items are fixed I would rate at a 5 star.

  • Dear user, Thanks for supporting us and we are sorry for Ads. We will improve in the future and we will try to keep the Ads from interfering. Diagonal Mode will arrive in next release. Thank you.

Addition of like-colored numbers makes “TEN PAIR” much more interesting than plain old black-on-white. Also, having choices as to which game format to play is an added bonus. It is good having a game available that stimulates the old brain rather than simply matching like-colored circles, stars, squares, triangles, etc.

I have partial colour blindness and I’m finding it difficult to see the difference between a 1 and a place where a number used to be. I seem to be getting used to it, but it would help if the 1 were a bit lighter. Unfortunately, you can’t change this in the game. Otherwise, it’s an excellent game. My first one took over an hour to complete!!

This game is a fun game, however, when you’re watching more ads than playing, it is no longer fun or worth playing anymore. This game is no different than the other one’s exactly like it in both play and in looks. For this reason I can’t uninstall it quick enough.

  • Hi, we are sorry that you did not enjoy the app as much. We will add more interesting events and in game modes to create more fun for our users like you. Hope you can still support us. Anyway, your feedback is important for us to make better Ten Pair.

I wanted to like this game however there no way I could find to stop getting hints. It takes all of the fun out of the game when the answers are given to you. Also I could not turn off the timer. There is no way to contact you folks and I just paid 4.99 to not get ads. Bummer.

It’s relaxing, no hurried pace, but U have to keep focus to complete a game because of the different types of matches. My favorite new game to enjoy day & night when U have a few moments…

great little game. very addictive. wish they would put the numbers out of View in White @ the toland bottom of the column to save time scrolling up and down.

Very relaxing, the only thing is when you try the diangle connection you do see an ad. Some ads are shorter than others, but if you don’t have patience this game isn’t for you.

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