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[Game] Tetris Block Puzzle

Tetris Block PuzzleWelcome to Tetris® Block Puzzle, the ultimate mobile game that combines the timeless fun of block puzzles with the iconic Tetris brand.

Unleash Tetris exclusives, clear Tetriminos, and aim for high scores!
Challenge yourself with strategic gameplay, carefully planning your moves to create perfect Line Clears.
No internet connection is needed! Play anytime, anywhere, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Tetris Block Puzzle.
Clear rows consecutively to earn incredible combos and showcase your Tetris Block Puzzle skills!

A new Block Puzzle Game with a Tetris® twist!
Same iconic blocks, new fun game!

Download Tetris Block Puzzle, the journey starts now!

Tetris ® & © 1985~2024 Tetris Holding. All Rights Reserved.
Sub-licensed to PLAYSTUDIOS®.

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Terms of Service: www.playstudios.com/terms/

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Tetris Block Puzzle user reviews :

Lots of fun so far. Even though it’s somewhat of a different style of game, it still feels like Tetris in many ways, and I enjoy hearing the music based on the original theme. I like the adventure mode, but I find myself spending a surprising amount of time in the high score mode and am having a challenging time beating my scores. I would like to see a high score mode with power ups and the hold feature available in addition to the standard version available now.

WOW! I have to admit I am really surprised that in this day and age a game can come out and it just be a no nonsense puzzle game, with the added bonus of actually being a decent puzzler. Played a couple of hours and no ads or micro transactions, yet, but it does look like that could change with “Coming soon” on a couple of things. Hopefully they don’t ruin it by making it pay to win. Only 4 stars as at the moment the game is a bit unstable and has force closed itself a few times during playing.

Love this new game, a fresh twist on the very much tried and tested tetris game. I could play this for days non stop and never get bored. The adventure mode keeps you interested and the shapes you fill in each level are so cute!  As a bonus, there are not too many ads! It bugs me so much when you can’t enjoy a game due to too many ads. Here that’s not a problem.

Great music/sound & effects. Comboing very satisfying. Easy to infinitely keep a combo running. No bonus for All Clears, but you get an effect. You unlock power ups only in adventure mode which is good Moving the pieces does not feel fluid. Piece drags a bit under/behind your finger. Also a bit of lag with moving the pieces. Game is also poorly optimized. Phone heating up after 15 minutes of gameplay. There’s only two game modes and no events. Biggest issue, no global highscores!

I like the way the tetriminos fall, it’s satisfying. The collectibles are very cute and the high score mode is challenging. I do have a feeling when playing the adventure mode that sometimes it gives me exactly what I need, maybe too often. But I don’t mind it. All in all 5/5 from me. The ads aren’t unbearable at all which is a big plus!

Very fun and satisfying game. The only issue I have is the ads, it gets on my nerves, and the fact that you have to watch ads to be able to rotate a block is really stupid. Great game if you can get past the annoying ads

AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, SHOWSTOPPING, NEVER THE SAME…the best block puzzle game I’ve ever played. We get the basic block stacking game we love but with different twist in each level, and I really like that. This is my new favorite game. Bravo Tomo najjača igrica, najbolji level designer.

Absolutely amazing! I thought the game was gonna come out later – I really love the colour contrast and the colour of the pieces. I’m really happy that Tetris came out and created their own version of Block Blast that’s better but we’ll always remember Block Blast

Tetris Block Puzzle is an amazing new game in the genre. I am really enjoying playing it with all the colorful levels. Highly recommend to everyone!

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