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[Game] The Fixies

The FixiesSo, who are the Fixies, and what are they doing? In this family game, one can not only find answers to these questions, but also try oneself in the role of a little mechanic.

The player will immerse in the world of Fixies and study electrical devices from the inside, search for breakdowns and fix them. You will have to monitor the energy of the character, help it solve puzzles and collect various objects, from small screw-nuts and bolts to tools and light bulbs. But do not lose your vigilance! The young Fixie will have to face some difficulties and dangers on his/her way.

A variety of equipment is used in the adventure, with which Papus will help. The caring Masia is always ready to help the Fixie with energy, and Dedus will readily share some wisdom and advice. In this brain game, young researchers will learn more about the internal design and the principles of operation of household appliances together with the characters.”
“In this game you will find:

Mazes inside household appliances with lots of surprises and minigames
Lots of dangers and puzzles that the young Fixie will face along the way
Items to be collected by young travelers
Four different locations to explore! Travel inside home appliances!


Colorful and sweet artwork
Choose your Fixie! Nolik and Simka are ready for the adventure, and others will join soon!
Large selection of equipment, using which one can reach broken appliances:
Offline playing mode. One can enjoy the world of Fixies everywhere – in the subway, in flight, and even in a fridge. No Internet connection required!

The Fixies user reviews :

The games amazing and difficult which makes it fun. It’s also informative. I do have a few problems though The first is that the energy, in my opinion, finishes too quickly. I barely start when it’s already done. The second is that there are very less levels as well as characters. So please add more devices to fix and more characters Other than that it’s a great game

Description says that game can be played offline, but then after all energy runs out, required to either purchase full version or watch an advert to continue. What a hoax. Looks like a fun game though, while trying to find parts for the radio

it’s hard though you can unlock other Maps unless you get everything fixed it’s really hard and you have to either pay for charging or you could watch a video for recharging…!

My son is in love with this game and is desperate from it being impossible to pass the TV level. I know some have passed it before. That must have been before some updates or something. There is absolutely no chance now. Very upsetting.

Game is so good that I want to get change converter I want to change collector singer mausi Gram Post and all of their friends 16th make in more better and easier and we will bring old England pattern and like the real video and make some fire some wap in school to distribute things even better

I feel like we should turn into screws were never we can end in every single level there should be a little charging area which takes like 20 minutes to recharge for the player to recharge

this is a great game it helps kids learn and solve problems and puzzles

I love this game too but i give it four star because we don’t have to fix the things we just have to click on fix button and its done by its self Otherwise its great

Good but I think you need to add 2 things make it so you can fire the beam up and more levels.

It gives get information and be an intertamant at the same time. It is the coolest game I have ever played.

It was fun and informative. My bb loves the fixies. Definitely he needed help

This game is great but maybe you should put instructions of how to do the tasks that grandpus gave me and this is why i put 4 stars

I Like it. Please add some more locations and some other playable Fixies.

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