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[Game] The Qin Empire

The Qin EmpireArrival of Assassins in S3!!

New Troop Type Assassin and new heroes Zhuan Zhu & Yao Li are now available! The assassination is so deadly!
New Gear System provides heroes with stronger skills !
1v1 Arena is coming again! Bring it on!

This SLG is exactly the one you’ve never heard of!

Reclaim, develop, form alliances, pass breach, city siege, empire establishment…
The battlefields of men stretch beyond the three kingdoms. Show your courage and tactics, go confront the changing sides of the warfare.

Game Features

A game that deserves its name with fair competition
Unrestricted Card Pool, transparent odds; no stats, no resources, realizing all of your ambition on the battlefield through pure tactics.

The Battlefields of Men Stretch beyond the Three Kingdoms
Follow the Spring and Autumn, usher in the era of the Qin Empire, a huge realistic battlefield and a history 500 years earlier than the three kingdoms.

Unmatched RTS gameplay
Deploy your troops in real-time. Contact and engage, battle status is in your control with real-time actions

Ultra-fast pace with fast marching
No more battles of rounds, no more battle reports. What’s happening on the map is what you’re seeing

Recruit invincible generals and peerless strategists
Baiqi the God of Slaughter, Shang Yang the great strategist, assassin Jingke, Bianque the divine healer, and Empress Miyue…Generals and strategists of the chaotic era are all under your command

Connection among friends of the Warring States
Stand, fight, capture cities, and passes with friends. A brotherhood of building an empire and conquering the land deserves your devotion.

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The Qin Empire user reviews :

The game has a lot of potential. Even not understanding the language it is fun. However, the translation isn’t complete, and doesn’t have a translation option for sect mail. I’ll stick with it for a while since it’s really fun despite the translation issues. I’d report to customer service the areas that are incomplete with translation, but can’t figure out where the function is because of translation issues.

  • Hello sir. We had the auto-translation in the game. you can enjoy our game.

Seems like many people have experienced the same problem. Can’t log in and the response from the developers is to change season. There are only 2 options to click; change language and log in. Log in does nothing. Change language is obviously there to just change your language. I can only give a fair review for a game that can’t be accessed. You get no stars.

  • Sorry to fail your expectation, your majesty. Trying to give you good game experience has always been our goal. If any feedback, please go to our official facebook or discord. Thanks for your review!

Downloaded the app and was hoping to enjoy a good game. When I tried to log in , it failed and says error. No other choices except to click change language or log in. Deleted it within 10min after multiple failed log in attempts. Disappointed.

  • Sorry to let this happen, your majesty. We would like to know the detail of the error problem. Please contact us by our facebook fanpage @QinEmpireM or seek help from discord channel customer service system.

Actually this game is good and fun but it don’t have the auto translation that hard for other people can communicate because mainly is Chinese player there… I uninstall this game just play 3 week and the server or kingdom is dead only 3 guild/sect and all is Chinese… ReMake this game and have the universal language I bet this game will have alot player to play and balance the item so f2p can enjoy this game also… Notice me if you have corrected the game ok

  • We have the English version, your majesty. Hope you enjoy the game.If you have any question about the game. Please contact us by our facebook fanpage @QinEmpireM or seek help from the in-game customer service system.

Whenever server changes season, I lose my game, cannot log in and have to start all over again from a scratch. Am I missing something?

  • Please accept our sincerest apologies, your majesty!”the Qin Empire” adopts the season playing method. The specific world in the game – the season can be viewed, and then the season data retention is explained ~ you can restart your journey in the new season ~!! The Qin Empire is waiting for you to fight

Superb game!! If you’re a fan of romance of three kingdoms (rotk) games, this will not disappoint! Its similar to the rotk but more fun & sensible.

Contact developer :


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