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[Game] X Heroes – NFT War

X HeroesWelcome to X Heroes: NFT War.

X Heroes: NFT War is the most advanced collectible turn-based strategy RPG on WEB3 which allows you to acquire MEVerse Play Token through deep strategic gameplay.

Players can mint their collected heroes into NFTs to trade on the marketplace.

What is MEVerse Play Token (MPL)?

MPL is a reward coin that can be obtained by playing X Heroes: NFT War. You can exchange it for other types of virtual assets on MEVersedex.io, which is a decentralized exchange operated by the company.

How to obtain MPL: Daily quests and NFT mission clears. Earn prizes in monthly championships (with a prize pool of $11,000 per month).
How to use MPL: Can be used to purchase in-game items. Can be exchanged for other virtual assets of your choice on MEVersedex.io

GAME Features

1. The fun of intense turn-based strategy battle

The battle is a turn-based battle in which allies and enemies shift between attack and defend at each turn.
Based on the characteristics of your heroes, you have to build an effective camp, and change your skills in a timely manner in the battle depending on the situation in order to win the victory.
Use the optimal strategy by controlling various variables such as hero arrangement, skill selection, and activation timing. You can enjoy a powerful turn-based strategy battle.

2. The enjoyment of completing your hero collection

There are over 300 unique heroes in the game, and you are able to obtain the rewards by collecting these heroes and complete your own collection.

3. Various Game System

Contain most of the contents you would expect from collectible turn-based strategy RPG through different game modes including single play, cooperative mode and competitive mode.

4. Automatic battle system with the highest level of convenience

Support the convenient automatic battle system as in an idle game such as automatic skill activation, automatic stage progress, and automatic repeat of the same stage.
The automatic battle system is suitable for adventure mode that has already been cleared, and it is advantageous to operate on yourself in high-level battles such as PVP and raid.

5. PLAY & EARN model that anyone can participate in for freePLAY & EARN model that anyone can participate in for free

Obtain MPL daily by completing daily quests.
With special NFTs, you can acquire additional MPL daily after completing an additional NFT Mission.

6. Colorful and dynamic gaming graphics

When using the ultimate skill, extreme hitting with dynamic skill activation is created.
In addition to the automatic battle system, you are able to experience the enjoyment by just watching the battle.

X Heroes user reviews :

App is well optimized, even weak phones can handle it. There’s a lot of bugs though and no sweep function which makes it too much time consuming for an idle game. After the latest update it kept on crashing. The extension of championship is also annoying, the consolation won’t cut it. In 15 days, The early player advantage is as good as gone and I think they just did it because the prize that is supposed to be imbursed will go to budget for fixing the mishap of their system that caused an abuse.

Gameplay, graphics and mechanics are great it’s just that after several days of playing the game starts to get boring, hope they’ll add lord events, guild wars or anything that makes the game interesting. Edit: Connection to metamask wallet is still not fixed… Hope they’ll fix it during the update and I’ll give it 5 star .

The start was a bit buggy but all of them were fixed and still seem to working hard to improve. The game is fun and is looking promising! Keep up the hard work.

Very good game, its easy to understand the gameplay, and i like it has an auto features.. i love game like this because i am too busy in life. So i can still play and do my job in real life at the same time

Excellent game, huge potential to become a megahit. Developers, respect to you, I see that an amazing job has been done.

Why is it that anytime I want to open it keeps telling me under maintenance try again later please work on it coz it’s very discouraging and I end up not playing again for that particular day please rectify this issue coz am missing a lot apart from that everything other thing is okay

Very nice i like this game but the problem is your ads can’t complete daily quest because there’s no ads better remove it or fix your ads

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