The Shifters – You can rewrite the history

[Game] Three Kingdoms – The Shifters

The Shifters  World Invasion Feels Different When You Do It with a Girlfirend!

Feel It Yourself! Visual Novel Kingdom Builder!

One day, you wake up late for work and encounter a mysterious blonde girl on the way to the office.
You soon faint after confronting her. And the next thing you see is Mountain Beimang in China in the September of 189.

You become an ordinary man who happens to time-travel 1829 years backwards from the March of 2018.
You can rewrite the history of the Three Kingdoms period with the modern knowledge of science and all that.
Conquer the entire world and hire Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and so on as your champions.
And do your best to make the beauties fall in love with you.

Ye-ji the girl with the secret, Tang Qing the odd child of Sichuan Tang Family, Ji-hyo the unexpectable, the devil with the blonde hair, Cai Yan the marvelous musician, and more! The story will be about you and all those heroines.

This is the harmony of visual novel and classic strategy!

This is the Three Kingdoms you have been waiting for, Three Kingdoms : The Shifters.

The Shifters user reviews :

Its new way of enjoying 3 Kingdoms history (fiction kind), depth strategy, the only big issue is connection to Three Visit server (north america), it forced me to make new game in other server
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • There is a place to change the server in the options. Your original ID will still be there. We never forced you to change servers.
After update, some champs pic can’t be seen in town. Also, reroll ticket quest can’t be added to reroll ticket, always zero.
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • It’s not uncommon for a champion’s photo to not be visible in town. Check if the memory and disk capacity of the mobile device is sufficient, and try reinstalling it again, there is a possibility of returning to normal. If it still doesn’t look right, you can check it by posting a screenshot
Quite entertaining, but connections constantly off..
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • We will try our best to check the problem and enjoy it in a good environment.
It is wrong to say something in the reviews only NOT TO EVEN OPEN THE PAGE. That’s MISLEADING people. Since 2 days I can’t even open the game. How is it even possible to get 4 star ratings without a game? TERRIBLE!!
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • Can you tell us in detail how the game has been disabled after the 2nd day?
Quests are too difficult and time to do is too short and conditions for finishing quests is too big especially for weekly quests. Please lower it and fix the conditions of quests.
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • You don’t have to complete the weekly quests to progress smoothly. It’s just providing a way to keep up with the effort of users paying cash. If anyone can achieve it easily, it will be more difficult to catch up with users paying cash.
Good game idea, but too clumsy and forcing the player into all the micromanagement, as if AI wasn’t invented to help on it. It spoils the fun and the story flow. Sadly so, as the idea of actually experiencing the champions as personalities without losing the generic Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy was fine.
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • Thank you for your review! We’ll do our best to improve the game experience.
I have to change my opinion drastically about this game. At first, it is enjoyable, but after a few days, I notice very disproportionate balance issues. The story started as Three Kingdoms’ story but digresses widely. Rewards jump drastically but drilling costs astronomical resources & time. Bandit camps are very easy but palaces are enigmas. I was better on paper, but I lost my first attempt against the palace, losing everything instantly. You can’t control the battle & there is zero info.
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • We appreciate your time writing this wonderful review.
good but less action or war most of it are building troops and strengthening champions and bases but leveling champion took so long and too many inactive the game is rotating to old players maybe need a new server
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • Thank you very much
Honestly I’m not a fan of the build and train troops games but so far I’m enjoying it. Also the people playing are mostly friendly and dont attack non-stop like some other games of this genre i played. Have been playing for at least a month and I like it. Btw I can’t speak for the pther servers but Herioc Savior is friendly af. If you speak at the general chat tab, people usually help.
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • We appreciate your time writing this wonderful review.

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