Elves vs Dwarves – Build your Elf or Dwarf Kingdom and rule the lands

[Game] Elves vs Dwarves

Elves vs Dwarves  Lead legendary heroes in a battle to defeat the forces of evil!

Join Millions of players online to build your Elf or Dwarf Kingdom and rule the lands!

Over 20 million players and counting

The battle has only just begun! PLAY FOR FREE and join millions worldwide to drive evil from the lands! Gather friends to form powerful Alliances and make your way to the top of the leaderboards. Play as an Elf or Dwarf as you join heroes to build your empire and dominate the realm.

Appoint heroes to lead your troops in battle

Join the Elves or Dwarves and train vast armies to rule the realm

Connect with fellow players in real-time to build a powerful Alliance to crush the competition

Adventure through epic quests to defeat fearsome bosses

Strategize against opponents as you bring your realm with you on your mobile device

Note: A network connection is required to play

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Elves vs Dwarves user reviews :

Better than expected, all the math from the old game is there, just the good graphics left.

A great game really fun. I just wish that you could heal your soldiers

This once was a truly great game, I’ve been playing since it first released. That’s right I’m an og server one player, and let me tell you. Gaea had all the chances in the world to keep this thriving but they just wanted it for money! When I say this was a great game it really was, massive community tons of new players everyday. New servers were being made weekly cause of the growth fun events killer prizes even if you didn’t pay!!! Sadly you guys ruined a once great masterpiece.

I tried to open the app today and it gave me the sign in screen. It wouldn’t accept my password (that has been the same since I started playing the game)and also gave me the password reset fail message. This is extremely frustrating and I’m considering uninstalling the game.

Costs WAY TOO MUCH $$$ to keep up. VERY UNFAIR advantages for big spenders. Impossible to catch or keep up unless you want to SPEND LOTS OF $$$$$$!!!!! small advantage my arse! There is NO competition with spenders. PERIOD. GAEA ALLOWS CHEATERS TO PLAY AS LONG AS THEY PAY TO PLAY.
  • GaeaMobile
  • Greetings Joke Joke, We would like to help you with your experience, please email customer service at evdcs[at]gaea.zendesk.com or reach us at our Facebook at www.facebook.com/ElvesvsDwarves/ We can open a dialogue there. Best Regards, Gaea Support

Sketchy at times. Fun sometimes. Ive been playing off and on for 8 years. It was the best. 8 years ago. ‘Sigh

I can’t create account in the game it say network error over and over please fix this

Run away run far run fast BUT RUN AWAY FROM THIS GAME!!!! I was going to move to two stars, when i found out the update on the game was due to google and how they run play store. Thanks google you bite!!! But i cant give them 2 stars they didnt fix the gear issue thats one star. The second is because they are greedy and want money!! They changed the T.O.M. event to a B.K. at the last moment so now its going to be months until next season and a T.O.M. so back to -5 stars for the B.S. greed !!!!!
  • GaeaMobile
  • Hi scott keeler, For your game concern please reach us at evdcs[at]gaea.zendesk.com.
same issues over and over again, update game – googleplay – no update button – goes back to game – googleplay – etc. ingame issues – report – they request more details – even if you send more details- they ask for more if you havent got the exact screen shot showing the issue when it happens they send you round in circles until you give up and they close it. Love there comment continue playing older version it wont let me stuck in this go mo where circle. Gotta love the help they give NOT!!!
  • GaeaMobile
  • Hi Peter Birch, We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. The recent update had unexpected lags so we had to put it on hold. For now, please continue playing the 15.9.1 game version until we fix the new update. Thanks for understanding.

Lovely game definitely try it out I’ve been playing for years !

Been playing since this was based on Lord of the Rings. To get the most out of it, one might find that joining an alliance will benefit you greatly. The more you are willing to stick with it long term, the better.

Its nostalgic to play the leftover game from Kabams KOM. Graphics are solid, gameplay is just fine. The only thing lacking is other players unfortunately. If there are three things the devs could do its this: 1. Advertise like crazy to try and get a resurgence of interest in the game. 2. Revamp the in-game purchases to be cheaper / more worth while. 3. Create new servers, clear old ones, and revamp the event system. This could be a thriving game once again…the devs just need to the work in!
  • GaeaMobile
  • Hi, We appreciate your feedback and our developers will be made aware of this. Have a great day ahead. Best Regards, Your Gaea Support

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