The Spider Nest – Embrace your role as the spider queen

[Game] The Spider Nest – Eat the World

The Spider NestStep into the dark world of The Spider Nest: Eat the World, a captivating spider game where you command a fearsome giant spider defending its home against relentless human invaders.

Embrace your role as the spider queen and devour the human invaders – wrap them in silk cocoons and bring them to your lair barn to nourish your growing army of offspring.

Protect your precious eggs from the humans, feed them and watch as they evolve into formidable warriors ready to defend your nest. They will attack the invaders, shoot venom at them, and collect them for your feeding barns. You can even evolve them by collecting mutagens for maximal strength!

But beware—your enemies grow stronger with each passing moment, armed with weapons to eradicate your spider colony. They will try to shoot your spider, kill it with fire, and destroy the spider nest. Spin webs to keep out the invaders, wrap your kills in cocoons to nourish your spider army, and evolve your spider queen to become stronger than your enemies in this spider game.

In The Spider Nest: Eat the World, survival is paramount, and only the cunning and ruthless will thrive in this spider game. Will you rise to the challenge and claim your rightful place as the master of the web? Join the dark and enthralling world of spider games with The Spider Nest: Eat the World and devour this tasty planet now!

The Spider Nest user reviews :

Starts out great, but you quickly run out of upgrades for your spider, definitely needs some daily quests for xp, or gems. A few suggestions would be to add a place to exchange excess meats for xp, have the tooth pit heal you when you drop bodies, and seriously increase the amount of upgrades on your main spider! It is super annoying having to make multiple trips to carry the bodies every time you clear a camp.

The game is decent. One of the problems that I’ve encountered is the spawn rate of humans. It’s far too quick and too close to the main base. Also, the locked areas automatically opening by itself are good, but if you’re not ready. You’ll be constantly attacked to a point that it’s annoying. The resource required to build up the base is too steep. The spider minions are too weak. They go out on their own and die. The prices for the upgrades are also too steep, which are only viable by ads.

Decent, but not great. The enemy camps respawn so quickly that you can never clear an area and have a moment to build you spider army, much less place barrier webs at the gates around your nest. I expected to have fun going out and defeating higher level enemies. Instead, it plays more like a base defense game, where you sneak out for a quick attack to nab tokens for upgrades on the rare chance you have a moment to breathe. It’s not great. It’s not bad. Probably won’t return to it.

The game is a great design. If it wasn’t for the ads constantly popping up, it would be better. Ads for power ups isn’t a bad trade-off. The enemy camps do pop up really fast and level up considerably fast. After opening the first area I pretty much had no time to level up while webbing fences, carrying food, destroying camps, fighting back humans, etc.

I like the idea. The GFX are nice but there are a lot of issues. You can only get to level 8 at the moment, there seems to be updates, but no notification or notice in game. Today a “Weaving” upgrade was made available in the game but it doesn’t seem to be working right. I can click it, but it won’t take the payment and if you click the upgrade three times it shows the offer of an add to upgrade it. Also. My max number of point to spend on ally spiders has dropped from 20 to 17. Not sure why.

It was fun while it lasted. Waiting for more content. Interstitial ads were sparse and could shortcut out. Reward ads were worth it. After a while, the ads start to freeze and you can click a menu and get out to clear the freeze, but without the reward. A restart of the game clears it up. Healing potions weren’t introduced, just the empty portion came up, and no other info about it.

cute game. but ultimately flawed as it is incomplete and just dead ends leaving players having wasted their time. Im maxed out to level 8 for both poisoned and spike spiders. But the game and many of its zones still remain locked, with absolutely no way to progress. also, progress is often lost. more than once I have lost two levels in a spider when returning to my game.

It’s a fun little game, but there are a few problems. The max level is pretty low, so if you play for 3-4 long sessions you can reach max level in everything pretty quick. Second, there’s no way to upgrade the towers that are supposed to guard your nest. As you level up the humans that come to kill your eggs level too. I’ve had full defenses up and still lost eggs because the towers couldn’t kill the humans fast enough. There is also no reason to go out and explore, the camps spawn far too fast!

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