Mage Survivor – Become the ultimate magical hero

[Game] Mage Survivor

Mage SurvivorLet’s fight! You’re more powerful than ever!

As a survivor in this action-packed io game, you’ll use your arsenal to fight against endless waves of evil enemies and become the ultimate magical hero.

With every battle you survive, you’ll gain experience and level up your skills. You can choose which abilities to learn and create thousands of unique skill combinations to overcome challenges and destroy enemies.

Are you a fan of survival games, warrior games, or maybe zombie io games? Get ready to combine the best skills and become the conqueror!

Cast magic like a super wizard! Shoot fireballs! Throw grenades! The possibilities are endless with your powerful warrior.

You have an arsenal of powerful attacks at your disposal:

Shoot fireballs!
Throw grenades!
Cast magic like a super wizard!
And much more!

Survive every wave of enemy attacks and become the magical hero needed to save the day! Play now and experience the thrill of being a survivor in this epic io game!

Mage Survivor user reviews :

There is a bug that needs to be fixed terribly where in the hard mode of the Dreamland on the last wave enemies seem to die instantly when entering the map including the boss and it ends up being that the stage does not end. There are no enemies in the map and nothing happens. I have been grinding to max out my weapons but if I can’t end up doing the hard stage of this I can’t do the last stage, so what’s the point? FIX IT NOW, the game was updated and it still wasn’t fixed.

Oh look, forced to take something I don’t want from a “boss chest”. Great, thanks for that entirely useless attack that’s now taking up a precious spot I wanted for something else. And the mage responds a bit slow. Also the fire breath thing is useless. When it fires you get stuck until it’s done about every other use. Also sometimes it fires in a completely random direction making it utterly useless

This was a great game until stage 7 or so. You have 0 gear that gives any defense, and only a couple of pets that give DEF either. Which means when mobs spawn in multiple locations, you die almost immediately. 5 days of playing and farming weapon upgrades and I’ve been stuck on the same stage. Upgrades and skills do such miniscule damage, resulting in 5 to 8 minutes of kiting per wave!

Really fun game, but there is a bug to where I can’t upgrade my bow to its final form. I have the materials needed, but it won’t let me evolve it. Until they fix this, I probably won’t be playing because I can’t advance further.

(STILL NO CLOUD SAVE ONE YEAR LATER. BOOOOOOO!) Game was SUPER FUN until i changed phones and couldn’t move my game data. PURCHASE$ GONE…. WHAT YEAR IS IT??? If only there was a FREE cloud save service that game devs could enable for players. . OH WAIT. THERE ARE AT LEAST TWO! FEEL LIKE I WAS HOODWINKED ON PURCHASE. Original review: Five stars, totally fun game after purchasing AD removal! Without that purchase Fuh-Geddaboutit!!

I just started playing but i dont like when u pick up a skill and it gives u the option to keep playing(push to continue) or watch an ad, u gotta watch the ad or wait forever(keep pushing the screen) to continue playing. The game would be great, i think, if it wasnt for that.

Everytime I get to about wave 6 of the game it starts glitching and saying app not responding. I’ve had the game for 3 days and it keeps doing that. Plus it closes the app. Please fix it because I actually do like the game

This Game is so much Fun!! It’s well Thought out, well put together, and Very well Developed It’s not perfect for example some of the ADS are the type that will Freeze or just restart your game dealing with it but it doesn’t happen often, I love that it gives you the choice to watch minimal ads & get stronger at a normal pace or you can choose to watch more ads and become Stronger faster it adds more Variety in Gameplay!! Pls keep making New Content cause You did a Great Job Developers!!!!

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