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[Game] The Superlatives – Shattered Worlds

The Superlatives  Conquer assassins and alien invaders in Superlative London! Defend Earth and negotiate interplanetary peace as you race to rescue Queen Victoria in this thrilling sequel to “The Superlatives: Aetherfall.”

“The Superlatives: Shattered Worlds” is a 218,000-word interactive novel by Alice Ripley. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You are the Arbiter, a planet-hopping operative assigned to stabilize a peace summit between Mars, Venus, and Earth. But when Queen Victoria is targeted for assassination, you must find her killer, unmask the Mysterious Officer he serves, and stop an otherworldly invasion before it’s too late! Armed with powerful aetheric artifacts and your own wit and skill, you’ll fight alongside your allies to unravel the mystery of this new threat, defend your home planet, and face a final foe both strange and strangely familiar.

Your employers, the shadowy body known as the Divergent Conclave, are dedicated to maintaining peace between the planets. Impress the Conclave and its members might help you protect Earth—or recruit you to serve their personal agendas. Will you manipulate them to gain their support? If the peace summit falters, will you placate the parties, or choose a faction? How will you stop the impending invasion? And who will you romance?

What started as a job of politics and diplomacy could end in murderous chaos. Face aliens, automata, and whole new worlds on a quest to save the solar system!

Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, or aromantic
Import a Superlative character from The Superlatives: Aetherfall, or create a new Arbiter character from scratch
Wield your very own invisibility cloak
Uncover a double agent within the Queen’s Superlative Service
Charm a menagerie of aliens, from multiform, jellyfish Jovians to miniature Mercurians to furry Saturnians
Play as a battle-loving brawler or persuasive pacifist
Romance a driven detective, stylish secret agent, or your violent Martian secretary
Solve murders, negotiate with pirates, and uncover interplanetary conspiracies
Cultivate your reputation among cats…or is it just one cat?

The Superlatives user reviews :

I actually purchased this book. This is a sequel to the first Superlatives book. The story introduces a handful of new characters and a whole new world right from the beginning of the story. There is a lot of politics in this with factions vying against one another. My only complaint would be there were times where the narrative moved slower than I’d like it to and the romance was under developed. Those who like more political adventures with meaningful stats this is for you.

great story definitely on par if not slightly above the first my only problem is i missed my powers and didnt like having to rearrange the resonance constantly. also, seeing my team from the first game would have been great didnt see but 2 from last game. please keep future stories more superlative oriented. the conclave was cool but an unnecessary plot point. i think that my character could have handled things as a superlative with his team, but i understand due to the treaty stuff.

Immensely enjoyed this one. With one possible caveat, imo: it works best as a standalone game, sharing the Superlatives setting. When restoring a save, certain things (relationship flow, your former team unavailability) didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Plus the tone of story overall felt different, with superhero theme moved to background, which to me was more of a positive. Great work!

I really dig the first instalment and have been excited to sequel. I think the story itself is good, given the world building and interplanetary story. However, the new characters are not as appealing as the first one. I was expecting a continuation of MC’s story that I build in the first instalment. This is like a spin-off that I get from another perspective.

It’s a little different to the other choice-based novel games. Mostly in the way how characters perceive and feel about you. Nevertheless, aside from little hiccups to the plot and gameplay I have found myself greatly entertained and am satisfied with the overall game. I thank everyone involved in creating and releasing his novel game

The story was well thought-out and immediately brought me in but also had inexplicably amazing writing that got me attached to the characters in a way that I never thought possible. The choices that were given were clear and explicit while also giving an aura of mystery

Very good story, felt rushed a tad bit but enjoyed it through and through. Wish the romances were more in depth. Interested in a third installment. Really would make a good foundation for maybe a Netflix series or something.

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