Isekai Traveling Merchant – Protect your caravan from monster

[Game] Isekai Traveling Merchant

Isekai Traveling Merchant  A difficult RPG game, made in retro style.

Being a traveling merchant, you travel between cities in a Isekai world, trade various goods to make money. protect your caravan from monster, and find the legendary food Ingredients out! Don’t miss this game if you like Uncharted Waters

1. Explore the world, find unknown cities, and trade goods

2. A variety of horses and carriages, it is important when traveling or trading

3. Develop powerful characters with skill and magic and defeat the monsters! full of RPG element!

4. Simple battle, and it can battle automatically

5. Looking for hidden treasures in the world, a lot of fun of exploring

6. Advance characters and challenge the legendary monsters

Isekai Traveling Merchant user reviews :

Challenging when it comes to managing space and traveling. But it’s an enjoyable game that allows trade between cities while discovering new products to sell.

The theme was good at first glance. I have now explored 20 cities and find it annoying to travel between cities: 1) too many monster encounter 2) too much time to fight as we have almost no advantage after leveling up (but higher level monster have higher hp and attack) 3) but retreating get goods stolen – also not a good choice. This makes exploring frustrating with no incentive. If you just need money you can easily trade between the first few cities to reach 8 figures.

Way too slow when moving from one city to another. Food and water drains way too quickly with how very little distance you travel, making it completely pointless to travel to anywhere outside the three cities. Battles end up being way too slow as well and exp gain is far too low. Not gonna bother playing this game any further, uninstalling it now.

Great Game. I just dislike the fact that you need internet to play this simple game tho. I think it would be good if you can make the skill customizeable and carriages should be included in the battle to be defended too. Could you also change the character on the world map to the best carriage you are using? The mini world map could also do a remake. not just markers to see where you really are going

Numerous design flaws basically make the game unplayable outside of the triangle of the first three cities. The distances between the rest make trade infeasible without the use of unreplenishable chest items. The inability to see your grid coordinates without the use of an item is obnoxious. Upgrading your carriage nets little because of the increased food and water requirements of the more powerful horses. Combat is tedious and the rate of experience gain too slow.

Good game, awesome., Anyone have mastered this game? Is there any guide? I think it’s too difficult to find cities without info from the pub.

Definitely a little grindy, but very relaxing! Looks to be a huge world, so far I’m enjoying looking around for cities! I was a little hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure what I’d lose if I died, but you only lose goods, so if you just set out with only food and water you can explore without risking much!

It’s fine just too unforgiving. Food and water goes too fast prices for everything is way too high sell value is way too low fights are too strong considering you have to go solo. Even the two closest towns in the tutorial area you have a good 80% chance of failure. And you will lose all your money because you can’t check global price so something that was profitable the very next day is a loss all because you walked out the gate.

I rather enjoy this take on an rpg. I’ve always wanted to be a traveling merchant and now I can be.

Not as fun as you’d think, plus I didn’t understand how to tell what city wants what certain items. Had potential but is rough

This game takes a unique, addicting approach to grinding and leveling up. Looking for new towns brings a hint of nervous excitement because you don’t really know if you have enough food to mange the journey, or if the trade deal will be worth it. A fun game of risk and reward!

Not bad.. takes awhile to get going. Probably forever at higher stages.. Noticed the first purchase chest rewards didn’t actually work, but the +1000 gems did. I found equipment, but the game isn’t registering it anywhere, a ring and a sword but my collection is empty. I feel the game is broken :(
  • Buddy, you will get item at chest of first purchase chest, the content is according to the amount gem you bought. The reward of 1000 gems is a StarMoon Gem only. If you really didn’t get it, please email to me. You have no any equipment at first until you use a map and find it out

Pretty so far…. Create some comprehensive, intelligent battle system, because doing the same moves over and over again, a few times on a short trade trip, gets boring and annoying really fast.

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