The Tower – Defend your tower

[Game] The Tower – Idle Tower Defense

The Tower  A tower defense with more than meets the eyes.

The Tower is an incremental tower defense game where you will control a single tower. Defend your tower until its destruction, make permanent upgrades to it, then give it another try! Construct the perfect tower of defense.

The Tower Features

Addicting simplistic tower defense gameplay
An insane number of upgrades to choose from
Invest your valuable coins to permanently power up your tower in the workshop
Research new upgrades to unlock new parts of the game
Continue to unlock new research while idle or playing active
Unlock and manage your card collection to provide your tower massive bonuses
Compete in live tournaments against other players to unlock ultimate weapons

Will your perfect tower stand the test of time in this new idle tower defense game?

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The Tower user reviews :

Hi there, i found a couple of issues that i think might use a bit improvement: 1. The notifications about completed lab researches and free upgrade, could be centered more on the tower location since they are not corectly visible now, and the timer increased for 1 more second 2. The enemies that shoot you, if they die before the projectile hits the tower, you don’t take damage

Nice game with one issue found so far, the list of upgrades is easily scrollable and this makes buying one of the upgrade quite annoying, need to click it several times before it actually buys – I’ve managed to work around this by holding the list still with one finger and clicking the buy option with the other – Good work aside from this, cheers!

The ad system sucks, i dont know who you use as ad provider, but its really bad, unstable. You need a more fluent system, the ads take forever to load with or without wifi and it sometimes takes less than 5 seconds. Other than that, the game is ok, takes long time to progress and be able to open the tournaments at lvl 60, but once you do the people in the tournaments will leave you far behind.

Tldr – Great game but heavy $ costs to progress at a “normal” rate. Underneath all of the “pay to not grind for the next 5 years” aspects there is a pretty awesome game! The problem is that you will need to spend a minimum of $10-$20 to progress in this game at a rate that would seem vaguely reasonable. I’m more than willing to pay some money to unlock features of a free game, but the cost of upgrades using in-game currency scales quite horribly if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Has potential for a 5 star rating, but there’s got to be some fixes first. I wish to be able to watch an ad that doesn’t crash the whole game – doesn’t happen everytime, but has been getting worse. Could also use another league or better spread the rewards for such – impossible to advance when the top 8 have 1k+ waves, then 9th has 347…? Lastly, would be nice to hear more variety in the music during gameplay at the very least. I’m hoping!!!

This is a very different game… I’ve never seen any like this. I mean, I’ve seen games kind of similar, but this is very unique, and that makes it awesome! I just feel like you get coins too slow… the coins a probably the most important part of the game, but you can’t get them very fast, and since the permanent upgrade costs keep increasing, I feel like increasing the rate of increase wouldn’t make it too easy.

It’s not the worst idle game I’ve played, not by any means. But it doesn’t get fun until you invest in it. If you don’t pay diamonds you just don’t feel any progress. Once you do it feels like something is finally happening and it’s fun. At least for now. Unlocking the Labs after days of getting nowhere, and not knowing I had something to look forward to, I suddenly feel like I can progress. If I hadn’t stumbled upon the lab today, I had been planning to delete the game because it was monotonous

I like TD games and usually stick with the ones I like. I saw a couple of ads for this game and decided to give it a spin. Totally worth the time to try it out. The monitization is fair, as developers have needs too, and it is not overdone. Gameplay centers on earning coins throughout the “rounds” which can be used to purchase permanant upgrades which can drastically improve gameplay. Only suggestion is to not make multishot a percentage to operate value, but only a boolean True or False.

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