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[Game] Three Kingdoms Heroes and Glory

Three Kingdoms Heroes and Glory  Three Kingdoms Heroes and Glory : The Best strategy game is here!

The whole new MMO Empire-Building experience

It is an easy-to-master RPG. Three Kingdoms: Heroes & Glory is dedicated to translating the experience of pc/console gameplay onto your phone. Grow your empire from the ground up first by developing your capital city, then recruit epic generals to build your own armies and then use your forces to attack enemies or defend your empire.

Key Features

Epic Generals await your command
Choose your Destiny! Over 150 iconic and recognizable generals from the three kingdoms period, ready to battle and occupy the world. Each generals is also given their own unique skill sets and categorized into five attributes. Recruit, develop and promote your favorite generals and create your powerful armies.

[Diverse oriental Combat System for the Modern Gamer]
Win the glory and rise in power through real-time PVP and PVE combat. Battle with the global fifty thousand players, cooperate with friends from the guild, plunder enemies’ manors, or challenge other Warlords in the arduous and asynchronous combat in PVP. Relive famous battles in history by yourself in PVE combat.

All for one, one for all
This is a game where both multiplayer and single-player coexists. Empower your own empire; solo, co-op with friends; or join a Guild to meet players worldwide. Play however you want with whoever you want.

Three Kingdoms: Heroes & Glory is based on the celebrated Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, bringing an RPG and TCG gameplay experience. As a real-time multiplayer online game, Three Kingdoms: Heroes & Glory features a huge array of game content for players to dive, in-depth, into warfare on multiple fronts, team up with other players and conquer the world with your loyal generals and well-equipped troops.

A historic era has begun. Are you ready to be a king in chaotic proportions and climb to the top of the leaderboards?

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Three Kingdoms: Heroes & Glory is completely free to play, but some optional in-game items will require payment.

Three Kingdoms Heroes and Glory user reviews :

Game is not new-player-friendly. The gameplay is mediocre, graphic isn’t impressive. The hardest thing to swallow is the reliance on Tier12 heroes to be good/competitive and those things rarely come for free. Even worse, you need thousands of those hero shards to fully upgrade them, otherwise they are worse then tier10 heroes which can be found much easier. Spend money to win, because the hours you invest wont bring you the same top tier heroes/benefits.
  • Dear Vinh Nguyen: Thank you for your feedback, we will try to make Three Kingdom more frendly for new players. Please feel free to contact us if there are any in-game issues. Sincerely All9fun Team
The US servers is now a toxic waste land, veteran players are harassing weaker players and support won’t do anything. If you are new to this game, turn away now before investing too much time in it. Update: the situation has worsen and more players are being pushed out of more actives repeatedly in the same day. Support hasn’t done anything helpful as of yet despite receiving multiple reports.
  • Cube Magic Limited
  • Hi NL: Thank you for your feedback, before we submit this to developers it would be great if there’s any screenshot/video for further reference and send to our mail box: service_intl[at] Kindly let us know anytime if you have any suggestions in game:) Three Kingdoms Team
Great game very complicated though. Still excitingly learning how to play this game. Seems to have many different kinds of magic and weaponry. Characters relatively easy to use. Love the female warriors. All In all I do like this game. Play it everyday.
  • Cube Magic Limited
  • Hi, Joe Wu: Thanks for the feedback, regarding this we have submitted this to developers accordingly:) Kindly let us know anytime if you have any suggestions in game:) Three Kingdoms Team

After today update i cant go in the game. My screen went black when try to open the game. Please help to fix it. Overall this game is fantastic, i love it

Nice game. .! But some features can’t read by me.. Even I’m already using my glasses.. Lol. Fonts are too small.. Please fixed it. ..
  • Cube Magic Limited
  • Hi, Ernst M S T: Thanks for the feedback, regarding this we have submitted this to developers accordingly:) Kindly let us know anytime if you have any questions in game:) Three Kingdoms Team
Unable to open app after download update
  • Cube Magic Limited
  • Hi Vincent Lee, Thank you for your comments, please try to reinstall your app and see if the problem fixed. Drop us a message via online customer service center, we will assist you as soon as possible. Customer service center:

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