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Three SkiesThree Skies is a story driven strategic RPG that contains challenging non-linear dungeons, turn-based elemental combat, and highly customizable heroes.

Customize your Commander, collect and level over 60 unique heroes, and design the perfectly synergized dungeon exploring party to unravel the mystery of the Calamity and save the land of Baranor from a mysterious villain surfacing out of your past.

Risk vs. reward dungeon dives: Face challenging strategic trade-offs with each journey into over 120 handcrafted dungeons. How much are you willing to risk to ensure victory?
Recruit and optimize your party: Summon powerful heroes from across Baranor, grow and customize each one, and mix and match them into unstoppable battle teams.
Intense strategic combat: Battle against dangerous foes in a deep turn-based elemental combat system!
Become a PVP Grandmaster: Defeat other Commanders in the PVP Arena to earn your way up through the Leagues!

Explore over 80 hours of story driven content, with new side stories added every month.
Want to wander off the beaten path? Treasure Hunts, Realms, Excavations, and Raids are just some of the additional quest modes you’ll discover.

Each tense dungeon dive requires careful planning to navigate the expansive dungeon maps filled with terrifying traps and intimidating enemies.
You’ll have to carefully weigh the risk vs. reward payoffs when forming battle parties, managing supplies, choosing paths through the labyrinths, and devising battle tactics.
Master all 14 elements and approach each challenge cleverly to reap the full rewards of your travels.

To begin your journey in Baranor, you’ll create a fully customized Commander.
During your travels, collect and recruit over 60 different heroes, each with fully customizable skills, talents, attributes, artifacts, and gear. Then make them unstoppable with multiple promotion options!
Using the rarest materials collected from your enemies, upgrade your town to unlock the ability to craft legendary gear, and equip your heroes to mold them into the perfect team for executing your battle plans.

Wage war against other Commanders in highly accessible PVP that rewards players across a variety of different modes.
Exclusive: Only lowest rarity heroes are permitted.
Limited: Only middle and lowest rarity heroes are permitted.
Open: Battle with no restrictions.
Random: Receive random combatants based on the heroes you have in your collection, each level scaling to be on par with other rare heroes.
Climb the Leaderboards to reach the top of the Grandmaster League!

Three Skies user reviews :

This game took me by surprise. Im a gatcha game maniac & thought I played them all but this… this is something on a completely different level. Absolutely brilliant, bright gem from which you can feel the love of creators pouring the players way. It’s bit old school with new mechanics, plenty of things to do, loads of characters and without heavy monetization. Guys. Give it a go. You will love it

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to give our game a chance! We really appreciate the review and thanks for playing!

Darkest Dungeon wannabe. While it is fun to play, this game system is severely under optimized, slow loading, unresponsive UI, crashes are too frequent.

  • Hi thanks for taking the time to leave us a review and to try out our game! We don’t have a device that matches the specs of your phone, but we will try to find a device close to the same as yours and test out some of the items you mentioned to see if we can find any reasons for the crashes. Thanks again!

Darkest Dungeon meets Pokémon – Very good strategy game. Art is reminiscent of older flash games like Adventure Quest. Has a character creator and different game modes. Very attentive and responsive devs in the discord. Definitely a hidden gem. Give it a try!

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to play our game and come leave us a rating! We are still addressing our initial feedback and bugs as quickly as our players send them our way. Thanks again!

Just 2 stars and of course there’s reason for that. First, this game poorly optimized. Quite laggy here and there. Second, login issue. There’s no option for Google account. Third, summon rate. This game have more than 30 ssr heroes but drop rate so horrible, just 1 percent even for banner and summon pool also horrible (120)…..

  • Thanks for taking the time to try our game out and leave your review! I don’t know why you are not seeing the google SSO (single sign on) option on your device, but we have support for it currently. Thanks for your feedback on the drop rate as well. We do offer many opportunities for character pulls each day, but we will review this on our end!

Very fun turn based game and very free to play friendly. I highly recommend this game if you love pokemon’s combat system(they’re pretty similar) and gacha hero collecting games. the devs are very helpful on discord and they listen to all feedback.

  • Thank you so much for leaving us a review and taking the time to play our game, we greatly appreciate your support!

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