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Wild SurvivorWelcome to Wild Survivor, a mobile game that allows you to experience the thrill of savage survival. In this game, you’ll play as a savage and need to survive and defeat enemies in the wilderness. Here are the main features of the game:

Idle gameplay: In Wild Survivor, you need to continuously hunt wild beasts to get food, upgrade your skills, and ultimately defeat more enemies. It’s an idle game that lets you enjoy the fun of savage survival in a relaxed and easy way.

Roguelike elements: The game has Roguelike elements where you need to survive different beast attacks and challenge various historical records. As you acquire more food, you’ll have different choices to improve your different talents and enhance your combat ability.

Card system: You can collect different cards to release various skills and use different skill combinations to break higher historical records.

Breaking historical records: You need to keep challenging your historical records in the game, and that’s the main pursuit of the game. Different talent point allocations will lead to different strength performances. You can use “Meat” to improve your temporary attributes in the game or use “Gold Coins” dropped by monsters to improve your permanent attributes.

Global player competition: In Wild Survivor, you need to compete with global players and strive for the honor of the highest score. Your high score will be the key to defeating other players.

Easy to learn: Wild Survivor is easy to learn, allowing you to quickly experience the excitement of savage survival. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, you can find your own fun in the game.

Join the world of Wild Survivor now and become a master of savage survival!

1. To create a fairer game environment, we have to force it to connect to the server to prevent cheating. It means that you can get idling rewards even you close the game, but you cannot play the battle without internet connection.
2. Once you play our game, it means that you are willing to keep your promise that you will never try to hack or edit our game for cheating. Once found cheating, the accounts will be punished.

Wild Survivor user reviews :

It’s certainly a cute, and even fun little game, but the skill upgrades are far too small. You’ll end up replaying the first 10 stages dozens of times just to get meager coin rewards and be able to upgrade one skill every two runs. Unless you have money to burn, I do not recommend this game.

  • Thank you for your serious feedback. We have fed back your comments to the development team. In the future version feedback, we will improve the content you mentioned

I have lost 75 medals ever since this last update. please return my medals. It seems i have lost Quite a bit of money to. About 1.2 C The medals were not time limited before and If they were it wasn’t disclosed. I wouldn’t have bother saving them if I knew they would disappear. Please return 75 medals or I will Uninstall the app. The amount of changes that happen on this game is crazy.

  • Medals are time-limited

It’s a fun little game. I enjoy it quite a bit. Definitely very grindy. The reason I’m only giving 4 stars is because they are starting to get pretty greedy. I have no problem supporting a game I enjoy by paying $5 or $10 for no ads and I have done that for this game. I just hate when games start to really push PTW and that’s where it seems this game is headed. I hope that’s not the case…

Its a very fun but addicting game. Almost identical to other games in its genre but fixes some of the things others lack. Because of a bug I accidentally transferred money but the customer service helped to resolve the issue.

  • Thank you for your feedback and ratings.

Was good until recent new ads, after video, close ad and the game hang and force close??? It happen more than once on the same ad. That is a terrible design and noob mistake without testing if ad is suitable to run prior to releasing.

  • Sorry. There might be some bugs in some ads. But we cannot control it. We suggest you buy a skip-ads pack.

It’s a really decent experience as Tower Defense games are considered. It’s no The Tower but the visuals are nice and progression goes faster than most thanks to daily rewards and the idle income.

New update today has made the game incredibly hard… at least for my levels. My t10 max is 401 and that was a week ago. I’m stronger now but couldn’t even clear 200. Barely getting over 100 in t12 now.

Great time waster, exactly what you’d expect from an idle TD. My only problem is that Health Regen and Def Absolute are useless. Regen should be % of Max Health per sec. Def Absolute should be % bonus of Damage Resistance. They don’t need 5000 upgrade levels.

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