Thumb Drift – Challenge your friends for the top score

[Game] Thumb Drift – Fast & Furious Car Drifting

Thumb DriftOver 12 million downloads!! Thanks to all the Thumb Drifters out there.

Note: There are 2 types of cars. Cars which you can pay to unlock or get for free.
[?] secret cars which you can ONLY unlock by performing certain actions.

Whether you know how to drift or not, you’ll enjoy sliding sideways around the corners to compete for the highest score.


Over 100 fully unlicensed cars to unlock + more to come
Simple one thumb controls
Addictive drifting gameplay
Original soundtrack with 6 pumping tunes
6 different tracks to race on each with a unique feel
Challenge your friends for the top score
Cutting edge, flat shaded, low poly graphics
Groundbreaking Carticle™ Technology


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0-50: L plater
51-99: Sunday Driver
100-199: Training Wheels
200-299: Gettin’ Sideways
300-399: You feel the need for speed
400-499: You’re in the red
500-599: Flat out!
600+: You live your life a quarter mile at a time! Dom will be proud

Got a car we should add to the livery? Get in touch!

Permissions Details
Note: The game will require access to photos, media and files on your device. This is only used to cache the advertising in game and to allow the sharing of custom screenshots taken in game.

Thumb Drift user reviews :

Very fun, the controls are simple but hard to master. the only problem I have with the game is the menus don’t work properly and all the buttons take a couple taps to work. Also the daytona coin level does not work at all, the coins can’t be picked up and I drive straight through the walls. If that was fixed it would be perfect and I would totally pay to remove ads.

Used to love this game. Was a fun little thing to play to pass the time. However, I can’t even play it now. Whenever I open up the game the screen becomes really small and stays in the top right corner. I can kinda navigate it still by remembering where the buttons were, and once you’re in game the screen is back to normal. But I doubt you could change or earn cars and change maps etc with the game messed up. Waited a couple months and still no fix for this.

A fun game to pass time. Getting cars is exciting and the controls are simple to learn but hard to master. The levels have a steep difficulty curve as you unlock different maps, so steep you might find yourself just playing the default map the whole time. However, even the default map gets annoying because there is a nearly impossible section where the crates become too tight to consistently get through. In short, a fun time waster, but a time waster shouldn’t have such a steep learning curve

When I opened this game for the first time, it showed the loading logo and then started tutorial, everything worked right… Although, once the tutorial ended and the game tried to send me to main menu, it bugged and all I can see is a little rectangle in right up corner of the game, but as I can see from it, the game works, just without displaying anything. I even randomly started level and it worked nice. So, this games gameplay is good and I would enjoy playing it, but I cannot. It’s sad

This is a very exciting game, leaves you extremely frustrated when your car crashes, but wanting to play another level. I’m not very good at it right now, but it’s been pretty fun. I tried this game out from the playpass, and the lack of ads has been wonderful! I think it’s really improved the gameplay. So if this game was paid instead, I think it would be a purchase I would make.

The game starts off quite good, the controls are a bit difficult but you get the hang of it. However the game starts to crash after a while I’ve earned quite a few cars but I can’t use them as every time I play the game It crashes on the first run

The ads are really excessive and annoying. Normally I don’t like to complain about ads, but this game is designed in such a way that each round will take like 30 seconds on average. Almost every third or fourth time you die you get an ad. It gets really irritating after a while. The reason why this gets a 3 star though is because if you play offline you can’t collect coins during the round.

Awesome. The controls feel tight. And most importantly, when you fail you can just jump right back in, no waiting. This is exactly how games like this should be. Don’t stop. Keep trying. It is great. The controls also made me realize how awkward Mario Kart Tour’s controls are

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