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[Game] Pocket Champs – 3D Racing

Pocket Champs Are you ready for an action-packed multiplayer idle racing game?

Train your Champ, improve its stats, get him the best gadget and win the race!

Pocket Champs is a fun multiplayer idle game . Focus your training time on running, flying, or climbing and develop the best strategy before the race. Compete globally against other Champs: who will win the crown?

Running shoes, fins, or pick? Choose the best gadget to give you an edge during the race! Open new chests every day and unlock some legendary gadgets like the Eagle or the Cheetah!

Participate to time-limited events in crazy races against hundreds of opponents!

As you battle and clash for first place, your Champ will have to run, climb and swim to overtake the pack for victory. But be careful, not every race goes as planned as danger waits to throw you off course!

Highly competitive races against others.
Raise and upgrade your special champion.
Unlock legendary gadgets
Earn unique rewards and more!
Release your Champ and watch them race!

Do you have what it takes to win and become the Pocket Champ?

Having issues? Contact us at support_champ[at]madboxgames.io
FAQ link :  madbox.helpshift.com/hc/en/

Pocket Champs user reviews :

I want to give it 5 stars but I think there needs to be some improvement. It takes too long to upgrade with basic stuff taking 3 hours to open. I think there should be some interactive training that you can do like tapping a punching bag or whatever to slowly build up points. Something I wish it had as well was some basic mechanics during the races to involve a little bit of skill like quick tapping, having to dodge, etc… just to keep it interesting. Overall I’m enjoying it for what it is.

The concept is entertaining enough. There are 2 rather annoying parts. 1. is the adds between every other race gets to be a lot. Fortunately the game loads fast so it’s quicker to force close and reopen so you don’t have to watch any of them. 2. You aren’t actually racing against other people just bots. It really takes the fun out of the game when you know they are just putting a carrot right in front of you to try to get you to buy upgrades or packs.

  • Hello Jeffrey, thank you for your feedback! We will share your concern with our devs. It is absolutely possible to avoid advertisements. We have an option in the store “Buy any offer to remove ads between races”. Please, follow the instruction and you will remove ads from your game immediately! Regards, Madbox team

The game was fun at first but over time it became riddled with ads and the biggest issue is there is no way to get coins for upgrades other than 20-60 from a chest while my upgrades cost 4000-8000… Also the stat point system, you can’t remove any stat upgrade bags. You just have to use them and wait, there should be an option to scrap them instead of having 4, 3 hour(12 hours of waiting) for just a couple of stats. There should also be at least some sort of reward for EVERY run.

  • Hi Metro, thank you for the feedback! We are sorry that your time spent with our Champs was unsatisfying. We will share it with our team, as they continue to work on improving the game and providing our players with high quality gaming experience. Regards, Madbox team

Fantastic game with a few areas of improvement. It reminds me a ton of the old Sonic Chao Garden minus a lot of the charm. They need to allow more interaction with your pet. Training takes at least 2x longer than it should, and all drops especially good ones are paywalled. I don’t mind paying, but I would appreciate a bit more from the devs.

The game itself is good and addictive, but too many adds now every 3rd game there’s an add, and half of them just crash so you have to close the game down and restart ot again. There’s also not alot to do when you reach a certain level, the games you use with tokens would be better if you had more challenges on there, and make some new tracks always seems to be the same races just gets boring. Start making competitions with people with similar rankings instead of just collecting crowns in game

It’s a decent enough game, with minimal ad presence. Progress is significantly slowed by the “training” mechanic. Also, there is a bug with dual boost items where if you transition directly from one boosted terrain to the next, the visual boost timer resets, but the function timer does not, so you get less boost than you should.

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