Tile Clash – Exercise and sharpen your thinking skills

[Game] Tile Clash – Block Puzzle

Tile Clash  Tile Clash is the tile puzzle game that you never knew you needed.

It will surely give you  enough brain teasers to totally exercise and sharpen your thinking skills. To add in the greatness of this application called Tile Clash, it also comes with a lot of levels and each with different difficulties and entertainments. You will surely never get tired of this game and its eye-catching jewels. With just a few clicks on the tile blocks, Tile Clash will already give you so many benefits, so stop your worries and join in the Tile Clash craze!

Key Features of Tile Clash

How to Play Tile Clash
To play the application Tile Clash, you just have to simply tap on the tiles for them to be placed in the box. Three tiles or blocks that withhold the same features will be collected.Remember to collect as many tiles or blocks as possible and as fast as possible. This is just a simple process, but definitely challenging.

Simple, but engaging!
As seen in how to play Tile Clash, it most certainly sounds like the easiest game ever, but do not be fooled because it will, without a doubt, peak your interest and have you playing all day and all night. This jewel puzzle game is definitely the one for you.

How You Can Win
Spoiler alert but you can win the game Tile Clash when all the tiles are collected. Very easy, but certainly an exercise for your brain. Feel free to go crazy and tap the tiles to quickly match them. Craft your blocks! Higher score for more matches!

How You Can Lose
Another exclusive information is that you lose the tile puzzle game when seven tiles are on the box. So make sure to watch out for this and carefully craft your moves to continue soaring in the game Tile Clash!

Marvelous Designs!
As if Tile Clash is not already great enough, it also has a wide variety of tile board designs! Each tile board has its own fabulous designs and feel. Tile Clash gives you a different type of flair for every level that you play. It has various colors for the blocks and jewels. Most certainly a beautiful sight for the eyes!

Many challenges and levels!
This application game called Tile Clash will most certainly not leave you hanging. It has a wide number of challenges and levels that will satisfy your gaming needs as it will unquestionably grab your attention!

Whacky boosters!
To add in the fun of Tile Clash, there are whacky boosters! Whacky boosters help you make your way to the next level. Make sure to unlock them to get a helping blast in winning this awesome game!

We have said it before and we are going to say it again, because it is just too good. The application game called Tile Clash will help you train your brain! Thinking skills and logical skills are exercised and improved by just playing this easy but fun puzzle game. Who wouldn’t want to have fun while sharpening the brain, right?

Free Application Game!
Last feature but most definitely not the least is that Tile Clash is free! You can have all that amazing benefits with just a click on the download button. Tile Clash being free is definitely a list-topper because who wouldn’t want all those magnificent benefits for free.

This application game is surely one of the charts as it is incredible and free! Such a good deal!So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and click on that download button, so that you can now join in the Tile Clash craze! If you need to be reminded further, Tile Clash is the perfect brain puzzle game for you! It is free, easy, fun, and challenging! All the things that you need are present in this application game. With just a few clicks on the colorful jewels and blocks, you are already having the best time gaming while sharpening your brain at the same time! Such a fun and happy game waiting for you! So, stop hesitating and enjoy Tile Clash!

Guaranteed fun coming your way

Tile Clash user reviews :

This was fun for a while, until you are play with levels that have tiles stacked directly on top of each other so you have no way to plan your moves, or it completely ruin your plans because it looked like the tile you need will be unlocked right after… Except it’s locked by another hidden tile. After a few failed attempts I simply prefer a strategic gameplay over a randomized try-your-luck-a-thon. Other than that, the game looks rather nice, better than some of the similar clones out there.
  • tile maching puzzle game
  • Thank you for using our app.Hope it can bring convenient to you.If you have any question or meet any problem, please tell us through the feedback function in the app.Thank you.
Love it! I was playing another matching app that was almost impossible to win. This one is challenging, but also winable.
  • tile maching puzzle game
  • Thank you for your review. We will continue to improve the app so that it is easy for you to use, so we look forward to your continued support.

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