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[Game] Tile Plays – Kawaii Show Design

Tile PlaysMake your way to our lively Starlight Troupe, where your passion for styling, decorating and stage play are put on show!

As an Art Director with a distinctive background, it’s your turn to take the lead and prepare for the upcoming plays. Indulge in the art of makeover and decoration by picking suitable costumes for the cast members, and hone your interior design skills by decorating the stages.

Will our protagonist be able to find their new calling and truly move on from the past? Come join the troupe to find out!
The play is only a curtain away!


KAWAII series with its signature adorable style is a charming point for players who love chibi art’s cuteness

MAKEOVER the cast member looks with suitable costumes for every show.

MIX&MATCH the theater’s stage with various themed decorations.

DRAMA is always in the air as you’re in the heart of the theater!
Join the renowned Starlight Troupe under the guidance of Noah the troupe master to prepare for upcoming performances, while gradually confront and overcome your trauma from the past.

FOLLOW the heart-warming, intriguing storyline
Emerge in captivating slice-of-life stories & get to know every unique member of the Starlight troupe.

CHALLENGE entertaining Tile Match levels
Up to 1000 Tile Match levels with stimulating gameplay mechanics!

COLLECT various themed tiles, as well as fashion and decoration items

CREATE your own customized avatar & home studio to express your creativity to other Art Directors from around the world.

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Email: tileplays@imba.co

Tile Plays user reviews :

Was cute and fun until later in the game, where the birds kept blocking the same space over and over and made the level unwinnable. The birds mechanic is frustrating and not fun most of the time, especially since you’re given limited lives to attempt levels with and have to wait for them to recharge. It feels less like a challenge to overcome and more like a complete roadblock. I’ve seen reviews of people who got to higher levels than I did, so I’m not sure if it happens to everyone.

  • Hi, thank you for experiencing and enjoying the game. We continuously improve the difficulty with each update based on actual user data. What level are you currently at? Please contact us via the in-game support email: tileplays@imba.co. We look forward to your response.

Edit: The last issue fixed itself after I posted this! Devs also responded  Only 150 levels in but I REALLY like the story, design and the gameplay. The tiles are so cute, and the many different mechanics can make some levels challenging, but boosters are very readily given. Just don’t buy any pack that promises “no ads” bc I’m definitely still getting ad banners. Also “watch ads to keep going” after failing a level can’t even be clicked anymore so hoping that can be fixed bc rip my coins

  • We’re very happy that you love our game. If you have any questions/suggestions about the game, you can contact us via Fanpage or in-game support. Always listen to you Thank you

So far I am giving it. A high rate rating. Because of the Game idea. Or The tile matching plus renovatinga nd decorating. But one thing that would Change it would be to find out I do not get to do other rooms. For plays.

  • Thank you for taking the time to experience the game. Could you please provide more details about the issue? We want to ensure all our players have a positive experience. Please contact us via email: tileplays@imba.co or Facebook fanpage: Tile Plays for support. Hope you receive your response. Thank you so much!

I buy No Ads pack but there’s still ads at the bottom of the screen and every bird stage suck. They want you to use help so they can sell more.

  • Sorry for this inconvenience. The Banner Ads will be removed. Please wait for the next update, the issues will be improving. We hope you continue to enjoy the game. If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us via the in-game support email: tileplays[at]imba.co.

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