Almighty Volume Keys – Use the volume keys to do common everyday tasks

[App] Almighty Volume Keys – Remapper

Almighty Volume KeysRemap the hardware volume buttons!

They can do more then just changing volume! Use the volume keys to do common everyday tasks.

For example, volume Up turns on flashlight, Long Up skips music track, Up->Up starts recording sound, Down->Down->Down mutes sound.. you decide the commands and actions. When an action is executed any volume change that happened is reset, so no risk to mix up commands and volume changes.

No need to use the touch screen, turn on the screen, take off your gloves, or even take the device out of your pocket!

Use the volume keys to:

Turn flashlight on and off
Control music (play/ pause/ skip track/ previous track)
Announce currently playing music (with computer voice)
Change system language
Change screen orientation
Turn on and off screen auto-rotation
Set sound mode (sound/ vibrate/ mute)
Turn on and off Do Not Disturb
Tell time (with computer voice)
Record sound
Run a Tasker task (can do pretty much anything)
And also, change the volume :)

No root access needed, no difficult setup.

This app can use different methods to monitor key presses. To make it work reliably on some devices, you’re required to give permission to AccessibilityService API. This permission is usually used by apps targeted for people with disabilities, but in this case it’s just for detecting key presses.

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Almighty Volume Keys user reviews :

I’ve used this app for a couple of years as a means of quick access to the torch (two presses of the volume up switch, the sort of functionality that should be built into Android OS) and it’s been very useful on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, having to press the volume switch four times for min/max audio volume is now a deal-breaker and I’m swapping for an app that turns the torch on with a shake action.

Great app! Does what I need it to on my Pixel 6. Wish the volume wouldn’t adjust on long presses, but it’s probably hard coded. At least the app restores the volume when executing a command.

I’ve found this app useful to play / pause audio when using wired headphones, for that I use ‘down’ (once) then ‘up’ (once) keys to pause or play, it’s been working well. With the remaining option on the free plan with media not playing, I choose ‘up’ (once) and ‘down’ (once), opposite to my play and pause setting to hear the time at 75% volume, so it’s handy to pause the audio and hear the time when working and not able to handle phone easily. Needs to be easier to disable when not required.

I immediately got lost in the numerous capabilities and abilities this app instantly provided for my device. There are only a handful of apps that can transform your devices function and use and this is DEFINITELY one of them! Couldn’t hold back, had to purchase the full version and explore every possability! My only complaint, I couldn’t figure out if this app records my keystrokes at all times or if it only activates on keypresses? UPDATE – Thanks, understood! The newest update helped as well!

  • Thanks for the review, glad you like it! The app captures the volume key presses at all time and if it’s an registered command, the mapped action is performed. Not sure if this answers your question, you’re welcome to write me again if still wondering.

I wasn’t even gonna get this app because I’ve used volume mapping apps in the past and I figured this would be just like the rest but two youtubers had recommended it so I went for it. Glad I did! This sets itself apart because it gives more options for example: up + up + up. I test out alot of apps and at this point I’m gonna say this stands to be the best volume key mapping app on the market. You definitely should give this a try. P.s. bonus points for having Tasker(app) integration. Cheers!

This app does what any phone should be able to do by default. Everything works great, and I would love to give the app 5 stars, except for the fact that it randomly decides that I’ve pressed volume up 4 times and kills my eardrums. I can’t find the option to turn that off anywhere either. Please fix this!

App works 95% of the time as expected. Really useful and I really like it. Only thing that I find slightly annoying is the “Do this to max out volume” notification. I already know what I have to do so please remove that notification, or at least make it repeat just once. Other than that really useful.

This is a great app, unfortunately on my Galaxy Note 10+ it works perfectly, but when I have the notification permission active for the app avery time I get a notification my screen stays awake and will not go off, I double checked my screentime and it is set to 30 secs, whenever I turn off notifications for the app, my screen goes back to normal, this is the reason I’m uninstalling, was working great tho

  • I’m aware of this problem because others have reported the same. It only happens on a few device and, as I’m never experienced it myself it’s hard to find the cause. I’ll keep looking for the fix!

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