Time Recording

[App] Time Recording – Timesheet

Time RecordingTime Recording: Manage your time sheet.

Basic functionality:

Check in & out
Task assignment
Daily & detailed notes
Overview of day, week, month
Reports in Excel or HTML format
Google Drive, Dropbox and OwnCloud integration for reports, backup & restore
Google Calendar Sync (one way only)

Highly configurable, many additional features:

Date and time formats
Calendar options (first day of week and month, bi-weekly reporting)
Hourly rates, paid overtime
Daily, weekly and monthly target time
Home screen widgets to display running day total, with optional “punch” action
Status bar notification when checked in
Tasker/Locale plugin support
Public services for integration into other apps
Light and dark theme
Android Wear Smartwatch integration (see our Plugins)
Check-In and Check-Out using NFC Tags (see our Plugins)
Multi device sync

Other remarks:

Smallest tracking unit is one minute
No parallel tracking or overlapping entries supported
List of app permissions with explanation see here: https://goo.gl/iqCHbO
This app is Android only, other versions are neither available nor planned

Time Recording user reviews:

Exactly what I needed! I work from home and am able to flex my hours throughout the week, so long as I still hit my 40 hours for the week. I often work for a few hours at a time, then clock out to do whatever, and then clock in for a few hours more. I’ve been using an online timesheet calculator, but it didn’t allow me to enter multiple punch in/outs for the day. It was very frustrating trying to keep track of how far along I was for the day or week. I went through a lot of different apps before finding this one. It’s

Excellent product that I use everyday. I would love to give this app 5 stars, but it has one huge problem that had dropped it to one star. Before the ads were borderline inappropriate, but they’ve since crossed that line. Now the ads are showing half naked ladies for an app ‘iFunny’. I don’t mind the fact there are ads. I just don’t like the content of those ads.

Really nice app. Only thing it’s missing is an auto punch. I start work at the same time every day and I have to manually punch in. Why not have an option that punches your start time every day. That would make it almost perfect!

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