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Timpy Kids Animal FarmWelcome to Farm Games for Kids, the ultimate animal farm game for toddlers and kids! Experience the joys of living a farm life and harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables, tending to cute farm animals, building a farm barn, and more!

Get your hands dirty in this farm games for kids and immerse yourself in the beautiful world of farming as you plant and grow various crops and enjoy living the little farmer life in your farm house.

Once you’ve grown your crops, it’s time to harvest them with these farming games! But watch out for pesky worms and other insects that can damage your fruits and vegetables. You’ll need to remove them carefully so your crops stay healthy and ready to sell at the market. Once you’ve harvested your crops, it’s time to add them to your basket. You can drag and drop vegetables one by one into your basket, making sure to organize them so they don’t get damaged on the way to the market. Perfect learning for toddlers!

Next, you need to send your vegetables to the market. Line trace to send the truck to the shop. The truck will collect the vegetables one by one on the way to the market, so make sure they’re organized properly! Once the truck arrives at the market, you can drag and drop your vegetables into the shop. Try to match the vegetable crates to their corresponding shadows for bonus points!

In addition to growing crops, you can also take care of your cute farm animals in these farming games for toddlers. In the animal farming games, you’ll need to remove spikes from animals in the farm by tapping and holding to grab a cutter. Hover over the spikes to cut them one by one from the animal’s body. Apply cream on pimples and healing cream on cuts. If a domestic animal is injured, you can apply a bandage to the affected area and place an ice pack on any swollen areas. After caring for your cute farm animals, you can feed them and even give them a bath! Wash them with soap, clean the foam with water, and use a hairdryer to dry them off.

You can also play mini-games, such as farming with animals, to pass the time in the little farmer games. In our match the animal face game, you can match the faces of animals to their correct bodies. In our shadow matching game, you can add animals to their matching shadows. You can also play the little farmer color sorting fruit game by dragging and dropping the same-colored fruit into the corresponding baskets. Match animal babies to their parents, catch the animals hiding in the bushes, or play our whack-a-mole game by tapping on each animal to catch them!

Lastly, you can collect fruits from plants, place them in their respective baskets, add them to the juicer, and fill the bottles with fresh fruit juice! It’s a fun way to enjoy the fruits of your labor (pun intended).

Here’s why little farmers love Farm Games for Kids:

Fun and interactive gameplay:
The farm game lets kids learn about farm barn, farming with animals, and agriculture in a fun and interactive way. With the different mini-games, kids can do things like plant and grow vegetables, take care of animals, and more.

Vivid graphics:
Cute, colorful, and fun graphics in this animal farm game will keep kids engaged for hours.

Learning through play:
Our animal farm game for toddlers features games like shadow matching, puzzles, and tracing that help kids build skills like hand-eye coordination, focus, concentration, and fine motor skills.

Mini-games for little farmer:
Farm Games for Kids feature lots of mini animal farming games, and each one is fun and different. Toddlers and Kids can pick which games to play and switch between them to keep things interesting.

So what are you waiting for? Get Farm Games for Kids and play the ultimate animal farm game today! Build your farmhouse, and start growing and harvesting. Enjoy farming with animals! With endless possibilities and hours of fun, these animal farming games are perfect for anyone who loves farming, animals, and living country life.

Timpy Kids Animal Farm user reviews :

it’s ok my little sister like it

This is best farming game for kids ,we like little farmer,nice games ,we need more interesting games like this.

Really good game for kids. Fun and entertaining and also safe for kids. If you seeing this don’t think just give it a try.

I to recommend to my daughter!

A nice way for kids to learn about farming. It has very fun and exciting games.

Best farm games for kids.more games need to be added. Sound is nice.

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